Teach you effective ways of self-conditioning

Sciatica is a very common disease, and now many commuters are prone to sciatica. However, there are a lot of people suffering from sciatica, so we all have to pay attention to sciatica, do a good job of sciatica prevention is the most important.

What about the pain in the sciatic nerve? Today this article will explain the effective self-conditioning method of sciatica.
Self-regulating method of sciatic nerve pain

First, the living conditioning method

1, the acute period should lie in bed rest, sleeps the rigid bed.

2, pay attention to warm, improve the room conditions, maintain ventilation and dry environment.

3, try to avoid wading, rain, sweat out after the prohibition of hair, underwear sweat should be replaced in a timely manner.

4, appropriate exercise to enhance physical fitness, and actively cooperate with other therapies.

5, secondary bone pain should be actively targeted to the etiology, treatment of the original disease, then the disease with the solution.

Second, the drug conditioning method 1, the tiger cane, the old stork grass, the cow knee each 15 grams.

1 dose of water, 2 times a day. 2, cassia, roasted licorice, make frankincense, Yuan Hu, cattle knee, thousand years jian each 9 grams, radix paeoniae rubra, radix paeoniae alba, papaya, caulis spatholobi each 15 grams, Chuan continues to break, stretches the rib grass each 12 grams, the Sichuan Wu 12 grams.

1 dose of water, 2 times a day.

3, the use of sciatic bone paste, can play to dredge the meridians, improve the role of local microcirculation, rapid elimination of bone neuralgia, to get rid of sciatica.

Third, the diet recuperation method (1) Apple 300 grams, carrot 300 grams, celery 300 grams, potatoes 300 grams, honey 30 grams.

The first 4 flavor extract juice, into the honey, stir, divided into 2 times, 1 daily dose. (2) Mutton 50 grams, ginger 10 grams, japonica rice 6 grams, add the right amount of boiled porridge decoction.

1 dose per day.

Iv. Massage and Aftercare method

1, Family massage: Patient prone. First in the waist, arm to do the push, knead, roll and other movements, repeated many times. Then use the elbow tip to press the hip ring to jump the hole for about 30 seconds. Rub, knead the affected side of the thigh, calf muscle, with the palm root rubbing calf lateral part, repeated several times.

With the finger point, press, rub bearing mountain, bearing reinforcement, committee, Wind city and other points each 30 seconds.

Double-tap your hips, thighs, and calves, repeat them several times, then close your fingers together, and point to the bottom of the leg and the outside side, repeatedly.

2. Self-Massage: The patient takes a healthy side posture.

With the side of the hand rub, rub the side of the waist, buttocks, and then rub the affected side of the kidney Shu point, and then change the flank posture, rub, rub, healthy side waist buttocks and press rub kidney shu acupoint.

Health a side posture, with hand rub, pinch, knead, Pat, peck the patient thigh and calf after, the outside side, repeatedly do several times.

Five, Qigong and recuperation method Work method: The patient sit, untie the belt, hands placed behind, the hands of the fingertips, with the suction up, so that the two hands of the great mausoleum on both sides of the first lumbar spine, the hands of the temple point of the kidney Shu points, with the breath of both hands downward rubbing, so that the middle and the index finger point placed in the perineum, a

Less than 8 times, more than 64 times. The main points of doing work: sinking the shoulder pendant, with the intention of controlling qi, breathing natural, moderate force.

Rub down on time to lift the anus and shrink the kidneys.

Six, Acupuncture conditioning method

1. Acupuncture method

The treatment is based on the principle of dispelling the wind and collaterals, the QI and blood circulation, and combining the acupoints with the syndrome differentiation. Acupuncture main points: Ring jump, Rank edge, Committee, Yang Ling Spring, the foot three miles. Plus and minus: the root of the waist-and-back jiaji points, dry people plus is the point.

Cold and wet significantly add life gate, waist sun, blood stasis type plus diaphragm, liver and kidney insufficiency Gakunlun, Hill Hui, too Chong, kidney Yu. Operation: The acute period is multi-use filiform needle, the chronic person is flat to make up the diarrhea, belongs to the cold wet person can warm acupuncture.

Ring jump, Rank edge, Wei needle sense are electric shock-like feeling downward radiation and make the lower limbs twitching, Yang Ling Quan and foot three points needle sense also downward conduction.

2. Pricking Blood method More for blood stasis type. Take lumbar sacral A is acupoint (tenderness point), Upper Liao, Zhi, supporting, Yinmen, committee, Wei Yang, hanging bell, find blood stasis around the acupoints, routine disinfection around the skin, thereafter with trigonous needle bloodletting, bleeding stop can add cupping several minutes.