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Lower abdominal friction

Before going to bed, put one hand under the belly button on the pubic bone on the small abdomen, the other hand placed in the lower abdomen from left to right slowly rubbing, to consciously abdominal warmth for degrees.

Groin massage

Before going to bed, put both hands on both sides of the groin (thigh root), with the palm along the oblique direction gently massage 36 times, can be massaged several times a week, to enhance libido, improve energy has a certain role.

Rubbing the testicles Rub both hands hot, first hold two testicles with the right hand, so that the right testicle is located in the thumb, forefinger and middle finger rib surface, and then gently rub, turn to the right 30~50 times, with a slight sense of acid swelling and no pain for degrees, and then to the left hand as the law lightly rub. Can also use the method of operation, that is, the first with the hand to tighten the scrotum, fixed external kidney, with another palm placed on the testicles, and then lightly rubbing, with testicular micro-heat for degrees.

This method is also known as “Dou external kidney” method, for the traditional Chinese Medicine health care family respected.

Friction Double Ear In the morning, with the fingertip or rib face on the two sides of the body and other ears gently ring friction, or point pressure kneading, to local micro-pain has a heat for degrees.

This method has the effect of harmonizing yin and yang, dredging qi and blood, strengthening the kidney, and advocating for the health care family of the past dynasties.

Climbing the foot and fixing the kidney Take supine position, two hands from the knee to the hip, through the front of the armpit line upstream to the head, hands cross, palms upward, both feet straight, hands from the straight drop, hand forward, upper body front bend, both hands to move the heart of the spring hole, the foot force pedal straight, hands and feet on the contrary, let go to make the body back So repeat 10 times, or depending on the ability to determine the number of times.

This method has the effect of strengthening the lumbar knee and tonifying the kidney and fixing the essence.

Rub Kidney House Double palms placed on the same side of the waist, with both hands back flat from the top down to the friction, about 2 minutes, to the depth of micro-heat, or double hand fist, face alternately hit the waist, moderate intensity, each side hit about 100 times appropriate. Waist for the House of Kidney, rub kidney house, also known as “Wipe the fine door.” It has the function of invigorating the kidney, invigorating the waist and dredging the meridians.