alth law closely related to People’s daily life. Mod

The health law of foot recuperation is a kind of public health law closely related to People’s daily life. Modern medicine proves that human aging begins with the foot. In people’s feet are covered with a lot of blood vessels, there are countless nerve endings, and closely linked to the brain, the health of the foot is not only related to human health, but also has a great relationship with life span.

“Spring washing feet, lifting yang solid off, summer washing feet, heat wet can be cured, autumn wash feet, lungs moisten, wash feet in winter, hara warm.” “The human body’s organs in the foot has the corresponding reflection area, the foot also has the massive nerve endings, does the foot massage more, may activate the visceral organ function, eliminates chills, puffiness, relieves the shoulder ache, the visual fatigue, maintains the energetic. Foot is the starting point of the three Yin Meridian, but also the end of the three-Yang Meridian, the ankle joint has more than 60 points. If you can often stimulate the foot of too blunt, hidden white, too creek, spring and other points, you can play a nourishing vitality, strong waist strength, delaying aging, prolong the role of life. Massage foot bottom of a lot of methods, can put two arch opposite put on the bed, left hand rub right arch, right hand rub left arch, also can use middle finger or forefinger from arch to toe direction to do massage, each 100~200 times, to massage part fever for degree, two feet rotate, also can use palms repeatedly rub arch L5 minutes. If you have plenty of time, add the following massages: Left hand hold right foot arch, front and back active ankle 5 times, change left foot, rub to the outside side 5 times, left foot same, knead to the inside and back and forth 5 times, left foot same, right knee bent, left hand fixed right foot, right hand grip heel, front and back movement 5 times, left foot same;

The right thumb lightly presses the knee side, the left hand holds the ankle, the front and back movement 5 times, the left foot same.

Bath Foot:

With hot water bubble feet, especially with ginger or pepper fried water feet, can quickly expand the human respiratory tract mucosa capillary network, speed up blood circulation, so that the blood cells in the respiratory tract mucous membrane in a timely manner to eliminate bacteria and viruses invading the human body, so that the body from infection.

Rub feet: After washing the feet, rub hot hands, gently rub the relevant parts or points, can massage the whole foot, can also be part of massage, more massage spring point (foot) or too Chong point (one or two toe joint) or too creek points (between the ankle high and Achilles tendon between the Depression).

To dizziness, insomnia, anorexia, dull complexion, fatigue, high blood pressure, constipation and other preventive and therapeutic effects.

High Lift Your feet: Each day will be two or three times, flat or higher than the heart, at this time, feet, legs, blood circulation exuberant, lower limb blood flow back to the lungs and heart speed, get full circulation, the head can get plenty of fresh blood and oxygen, at the same time on the feet of acupoints, reflex area is also a benign stimulation.

Troops after marching all know use this method to quickly eliminate fatigue, usually foot also has the advantage.

Rub leg belly: With a pair of palms tightly clamped on one side calf belly, the side rotates the side to knead, rubs on each side 20 times, then rubs the other leg with the same method.

This method can enhance the leg force.

To wrench the foot:

Take the seat, two legs straight, bow, the body forward curved, with both hands to wrench foot toe and ankle joint each 20~30 times, can exercise leg muscles, prevent leg foot weak.

Twisted Knees: Two feet parallel close, kneeling slightly downward squat, hands on the knees, the knee around the circle rotation, first turn left, then turn right, each 20 times around. Can treat lower limb weakness, knee pain.