eight loss is a matter of great concern to everyone

Daily massage, banging on the pesky fat and flying away.

Update Date: 12-20 05:02:26 Source: Chinese Health Label: massage Guide: Weight loss is a matter of great concern to everyone, but to really achieve weight loss effect is not so easy things.

Actually want to lose weight must insist, here for you introduce a massage weight loss method, I hope you can insist …

Knock on the gall bladder to knock two legs, or one leg thick, the other leg thin is not good.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a sentence called “away from the meridian Point”, so knock on the gall bladder by just knocking on the outside of the thigh of the gall bladder through a bit of fever, numbness, can achieve the effect of stimulating bile secretion, does not require a very correct acupoints, of course, if you can knock the best in place.

Office family can use the work gap, sitting when the beating, can also sit on the bed straight legs, with fists to whack the thighs on both sides.

Can knock once a day, can also be two times, anyway, there is a chance to knock. Do not need to knock on the calf, the lower leg of the bile through the position of the stomach meridian is not easy to distinguish, and the operation is not very convenient.