plus 15 grams of white wine, plus the right amount of water

Kudzu Root Powder In addition to foot odor

Pueraria 15 grams grinding into powder, plus 15 grams of white wine, plus the right amount of water, fried medicine after washing feet, once a day, a week in a row can be caused by foot sweat foot odor.

6, doxycycline smear treatment foot odor

The doxycycline into a thin end, smear in the toe seam, each time the amount of tablets, can make half a month no longer smell.

7, Formalin foot treatment foot odor

Use 10% of formalin to wipe the soles of the feet, careful not to scratch the skin, with a few days, can cure foot odor.

8. Fig Yechi Foot Odor

Take the fig leaf several tablets, add water to boil for about 10 minutes, when the water temperature is appropriate, soak and wash 10 minutes, 2 times a day, generally 35 days is the more.

9, vinegar wash feet to treat foot odor

Take 10~15 ml rice vinegar, add appropriate amount of warm water mix thoroughly, soak or wash feet, 1 times per night, about 15 minutes, can cure foot odor.

Deodorization method of fruits and vegetables

Small series for you to love the health of the readers to gather the fruits and vegetables deodorant method, easy to use, simple and easy, can play a good deodorant effect.

1. Banana Peel Weapon: Banana peel contains active ingredients inhibiting fungi and bacteria———————————————-the skin pruritus caused by fungal infection. Mashed banana peel and ginger juice can be anti-inflammatory pain, with banana peel rubbing hands, can prevent frostbite.

In addition, the banana peel dry flour, or good beauty jiapin.

2. Papaya Weapon: Papaya 30 grams, licorice 30 grams. The liquid will be fried juice, Hou Wen after the foot bath, with hands repeated rubbing, rubbing after washing.

Once every two or three days, 3 times after the general mild beriberi patients can be cured, this method is particularly effective in the treatment of foot-toe beriberi.

3. Wax Gourd Skin Weapon: Winter rind has the effect of heat, spleen, dampness, can be used to treat kidney disease, lung disease, heart disease caused by edema, bloating, urine unfavorable symptoms.

Use the winter rind decoction to wash feet to treat athlete’s foot, but also to cure feet smelly, double benefit.

4. Radish

Weapon: People with foot odor sickness, can be used radish half, cut into thin slices, put in the pot, and then add the right amount of water, with a busy boil for 3 minutes with a slow boil for 5 minutes, and then pour into the basin, to cool moderate after repeated washing feet, even wash several times can be removed foot odor.

5. Soybeans Weapon: Use 150 grams of soy beans to smash boiled water, simmer for about 20 minutes, water about 1 kilograms more, when the water temperature can wash feet used to soak feet, can be more bubble a while. The effect of treating beriberi is very good, the foot is not peeling, and the skin is moist. Generally three or four days of washing can be effective.