over and it’s time to detox our bodies. A mention

How is detoxification most effective? 51 holidays are over and it’s time to detox our bodies. A mention of detoxification, many people want a detox capsules, in fact, no need to take medicine, medicine on the body is not another kind of “toxin” it.

Small to tell you, no need to take medicine, no money, a few simple gestures, and gently loosen your body to remove toxins, quick look!

1, walk 30 minutes A walk of at least 30 minutes a day helps detoxify the body. Some people say: “I have to go a day to add up to more than 30 minutes.” This understanding is actually wrong, and walking for no more than 30 minutes is not an aerobic exercise, whether it’s fat burning or body detoxification is useless.

In the course of the walk, add some simple hand movement can make the body in a comfortable state, avoid drinking carbonated drinks after a walk.

2. Drink green tea Green tea smells mellow and tastes tasty. In the previous installment of the article, the small series introduced green tea can protect against radiation, the role of the skin protection. Green tea can not only nourish the complexion but also can detoxify.

Green tea contains a caffeine-based substance, which can act as a diuretic, by stimulating the kidneys to urinate, reducing the duration of toxins in the body, thereby reducing the likelihood of toxins being absorbed by the body.

Eight little tricks, clear toxins, take a deep breath, walk barefoot.

3. Take a deep breath The toxins that gather in our bodies are mainly two kinds: one is known to all, food residues in the body of toxins, one is through our breath into our body of toxins. The toxins in the food residue can be excreted through the digestive system, what about the toxins that come into our body through the breath? Of course, it’s out of breath. Our nose hairs can be used to filter the air in the first layer, but many fine particles will become “slip through” and into the body. Some of the fine particles follow the breathing out of the body, and some of the toxins are attached to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract or remain in the lungs and cannot be discharged smoothly. Over time, these toxins can disrupt the immune function of the respiratory tract, leading to a range of respiratory diseases.

So how to remove residual toxins? The answer is a very simple action-take a deep breath! In the deep breathing, small suggested that you find a high air quality place, the best green plants, first relax the body, the nose forced to inhale, and let the gas stay in the lungs for 4-5 seconds, with the mouth slowly exhale. This allows the body to better absorb the oxygen in the air, and then eliminate excess carbon dioxide in the body.