Sauna is one of the most effective ways to

Sauna I have heard that sauna can lose weight, then the sauna can also detox. Sauna is one of the most effective ways to detoxify. The sauna can promote perspiration in the body sweat glands. We know that there is not only salt in sweat, but also a lot of toxins. So, this detoxification method and through exercise to our body detoxification is the same effect, is to speed up the metabolism of the skin, so that toxins through sweat out of the body.

This detoxification method is more suitable for lazy people oh.

5. Massage the abdomen after meals Childhood parents are often said: “Do not touch belly after dinner, belly will become larger”? In fact, after a meal “touch” belly can help digestion digestive system, thus helping the body to smooth out the toxin. As the saying goes, “mouth”, the same principle “poison also from the mouth into”. More than half of the toxins in our bodies come from the food we normally eat. This does not mean that our food is not clean, but that many ingredients in the food are not needed by the body.

If the toxin stays in the body for too long, it will be absorbed into the body by the digestive system, resulting in a decline in body immunity, and a variety of diseases ensue.

6. Skipping rope Many people think that skipping rope is not working hard, in fact, skipping the whole body of fat and muscle have been exercised. An experiment has shown that 10-minute skipping can consume the same amount of calories as a 30-minute jog and 20 minutes of aerobics. Skipping rope is “the most efficient” exercise weight loss method. But the focus of this article is detoxification, yes, another big magical of skipping rope is–detoxification. The role of the lymphatic system in the body is to eliminate toxins, and skipping can effectively stimulate the lymphatic system work, the removal of systemic toxins, to maintain the healthy functioning of the body function.

So, when the free time to the back of the ear lymph nodes do massage, can effectively prevent dizziness, headache oh.

7, barefoot walking The goal of barefoot walking is to massage the feet. The soles of the feet are known to all. Our two-foot acupoint a total of 66, each point corresponds to a different physiological function, barefoot walking, you can fully massage these points, stimulate the lymphatic system detoxification, reduce cholesterol, and even prevent and treat high blood pressure. Stimulating the plantar acupoints can also stimulate the nervous system, so that the body remains young, delaying aging. Massage points can also be small to suggest that you can often in the area of the pebble floor glazing foot walk.

The cobblestone floor is not only clean, but also helpful for massage points.

8, often laugh Psychologists believe that keeping your body and mind happy is one of the best medicines. In fact, not only in psychology, in daily life is so, you are happy, your body will be “happy”, the body of all aspects of the function will be active work. Foreign scientists have shown that the prevalence rate of extroverts is much lower than that of introverted people through a series of studies. Therefore, to maintain a happy mood is the best protection for physical health.