especially in the early morning when the day is not

It is a particularly unhappy thing to be woken up by the urine, especially in the early morning when the day is not bright. Originally planned to sleep until the alarm clock rang, so it was disrupted, put no one is very refreshing.

But what’s the alternative? have been holding back to the toilet, the bladder promise? The bladder is less concerned than the heart and lungs of the spleen and kidneys. Look around, all let everyone love the heart, protect the liver, care for the kidney reminder, the bladder said very sad.

So, today to understand the “bladder”, this obscure in the corner “glowing fever” organ.
The bladder is like the “cistern” of the body. When it comes to the bladder, many people are unfamiliar. Someone asked “What is the bladder?” and someone asked “where is the bladder” and even asked “is the bladder a man and a woman?” ……

One by one answers for you.

Bladder is a urine storage organ, the urethra as a “sewer” words, the bladder is the whole system of urination “cistern.” The bladder is a cone-shaped cystic muscle organ, the adult bladder is located in the pelvis, the baby bladder is higher, located in the abdomen.

An adult’s bladder can be loaded with 300~500ml urine. We all know that the human body throughout the day in the production of urine, if the urine formed immediately after the elimination of, that trousers basically do not wear.

So need bladder such qiguang, to produce good urine stored up, reached a certain amount of re-exclusion.

There are people who are curious, how does the urine idea produce?
How does urine mean to produce?

We need to know that urination is a complex reflex activity controlled by the central nervous system. When the amount of urine stored in the bladder reaches a certain level, generally 400 ml or so, the bladder will be passively expanded, so that the bladder wall of the distraction receptors stimulated and excited, impulse along the pelvic nerve afferent fibers to the sacral cord micturition Reflex Primary Center.

At the same time, the spinal cord and the information about the swelling of the bladder, uploaded to the cerebral cortex of the micturition reflex high-level center, and then urine is produced. Children prone to bed-wetting, urine pants, this is because their lower urinary center control ability is weak, so the number of urination, but also prone to enuresis phenomenon.

Some of the hardest-hit people will also have urinary incontinence, either a glutathione injury or a neurological dysfunction.
Can the bladder really explode?

Yes, it’s really going to “blow up”!

When the bladder fills up, like a constantly water balloon, in the body crumbling, back and forth “wall”, external impact, the body issued a violent action will be “detonated”, that is, medical “bladder rupture.”

If the urine is not discharged, the pressure inside the bladder will become more and more, the bladder wall will be more and more thin, until the maximum load, the bladder wall may be cracked. When the bladder ruptures, urine and blood flow into the abdominal cavity, causing urination disorders, peritonitis, uremia, Shock and a series of problems.

The symptoms are many manifestations of urgency, urine pain, hematuria and so on, patients with bladder rupture will also feel great pain. But most of the causes of bladder rupture are exposed to external forces, such as car accidents, in the case of heavy impact on the abdominal wall, a little bit of urine, the bladder is easy to break.

There are also some because the urinary system stones, urinary junction is blocked, so that the bladder is fully filled, in this case, a little action will also make the bladder rupture.

So, the urine is not to suppress!
Common diseases of the bladder Although called the body “cistern”, but the bladder this cistern is not made of cement, so also prone to a series of diseases.

The most common are the following:

1. Cystitis Cystitis is common in women who are sexually mature, that is, young women.

The main manifestations are urinary frequency, urgency and urine pain, can have pubic upper area discomfort or the naked eye hematuria, urine routine and urine culture can often be clearly diagnosed.

This is because of the special physiological structure of women, urethral crossing and anus Close, the length of the urethra is only a few centimeters, straight and wide, the urethral sphincter function is weak, bacteria prone to rise along the urinary tract to the bladder, causing inflammation.

2. Bladder calculus

Bladder calculus is common in elderly men, mainly manifested in urination interruption and pain, often accompanied by the difficulty of urination and urine frequency, urgency, urine pain.

In elderly men with benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder outlet obstruction often occurs, urinary drainage is obstructed, urinary bladder residual urine increased, urine electrolyte deposition form stone.

3. Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer is the most common one of the urinary system tumors, the main manifestations of painless all the way to the naked eye hematuria, at the same time can be accompanied by urinary frequency, urgency, urine pain. Bladder cancer can occur at any age, even in children. The incidence increased with age, and the 50~70岁 age was higher.

The incidence of bladder cancer in men is as many as double. Smoking is currently the most certain risk factors for bladder cancer, 30%~50% bladder cancer is caused by smoking, smoking can increase the risk of bladder cancer 2~6 times.

Occupational exposure, such as aluminum products, coal tar, bitumen, dyes, rubber, coal gasification, and so on, will also increase the risk of bladder cancer. In summary, the bladder is also a need to love the “baby”, must be good to it. Do not know how to do, first never suppress urine to do it!