due to overtime for two days, the right eye can only

There have been reports of a man in Hubei (myopia 800 degrees) due to overtime for two days, the right eye can only faint to see the finger.

After the examination found that the eyes of blood vessels unexpectedly burst!

Details of this is the Hubei men stay up with eyes to make eye muscles tense, while the fundus continues to be from the computer, cell phone and other light stimulation, coupled with breath-holding, cough, exercise, the daily movements of life, in the stimulation of incentives, the eyes of the blood vessels will burst. And the bursting of a blood vessel is not the bloody scene you’re imagining. Because of the small blood vessels, the amount of bleeding is far less than a drop of blood.

But the point is that if the area of the bleeding is in the macula-the most important area of the function, it can cause vision loss.

This news reminds you: High myopia, usually pay special attention to the eye, because you are a variety of eye diseases of high-risk groups. High myopia, myopia degree more than 600 degrees, also known as “pathological myopia.” And ordinary myopia is not the same, part of the high myopia degree and eye length of the eye, in the age of growth will continue to increase, there are a few patients with more than 2000 degrees of myopia, eye axis length of more than 33 mm.

The normal length of the eye axis is 24 mm. and the incidence of ocular fundus lesions in high myopia is higher than that of normal people, including glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment, macular lesions and so on.

These complications can threaten vision and can cause blindness in severe.

Among them, the most serious is the macular region lesions, macular retinal paint crack-like changes, neovascularization, hemorrhage, fissure, retinal splitting and so on.
Sudden loss of eyesight, quick medical treatment For patients with high myopia, it is a top priority to prevent the increase of the degree of myopia and to prevent the occurrence of ocular complications. In addition to focus on whether the degree of deepening, high myopia patients as far as possible to the eye hospital to check.

Because the fundus lesions do not necessarily have obvious symptoms, need eye doctor to check out.

If the degree of myopia is increased and the eyesight is declining, especially the sudden deterioration of vision, visual distortion, quadrant vision defect, etc., should go to the eye Hospital for examination as soon as possible.
Eye-protection Dafa for high myopia

1, the rational use of the eye The first is to use the eye rationally, less with the eye.

In addition to work needs, try not to mobile phones, computers and other light-stimulated electronic products for daily entertainment; do not stare at the screen at work, occasionally let the eyes rest.

2. Exercise caution

Because the retinal unit area of high myopia is very thin, not suitable to participate in intense sports, such as Sprint dash, martial arts, football, basketball, volleyball, diving, etc., in order to avoid hitting the eyeball, especially induce retinal rupture, detachment.

3, do not rub the eyeball vigorously

Eye exercises are good for the prevention of myopia, visual fatigue, but the high myopia patients in the exercise when rubbing the pressure should not be excessive, especially can not exert force on the eyeball, to avoid inducing retinal detachment, fundus hemorrhage.

4. Eat more food rich in lutein Macular area is named because of yellow color, its color yellow comes from lutein, so need a lot of lutein, so high myopia patients can appropriately supplement the food rich in lutein, such as medlar, corn, carrots, sweet peppers, tomatoes and a variety of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables.