who’d headed that the Abu Makar Monastery at Wadi

The killing last month of Bishop Epiphanius, a 64-year-old scholar who’d headed that the Abu Makar Monastery at Wadi Natroun, a region some 110 km northwest of Cairo, prompted the church to enforce strict new measures onto its own clergy.

Lawyer Ameer Naseef told Reuters an Alexandria prosecutor on Friday charged Wael Saad, a monk that was simply famous as Isaiah al-Makari until he had been stripped from his own spiritual name, with the July 2-9 killing. Officials by the prosecutor’s office weren’t immediately accessible, however, judicial sources affirmed the report. “The prosecution decision came on Friday, plus it (the prosecution) asked that his remand be revived in time,”” Naseef told Reuters, adding this would be done Sunday. Naseef additionally stated he had made a decision to draw from the circumstance, however, he gave no rationale. Christians in Egypt make an estimated ten per cent of its roughly 96 million people. The church had stated that Saad was researched over alleged long offenses of his duties being a monk, however, denied he was suspected of participation in Bishop Epiphanius’ killing. The case has motivated the mind of the Coptic church,” Pope Tawadros II, to establish sweeping measures to combat what a few Christian characters have clarified as violations of these essentials of poverty and chastity.