small intestine meridian, features a far better diuretic swelling

hixiaodou Sexual acid amount, in the spleen, heart, and small intestine meridian, features a far better diuretic swelling, detox effect. “Diet Materia Medica” Cloud:”Long eat lean men and women.”

The use of Chixiaodou fat loss, the consequence of obesity using edema is very excellent. Panfried, two times each day.
Not just can effortlessly lose excess fat, decrease abdominal circumference, but may also considerably decrease the entire cholesterol and cholesterol content, but particularly for muscle obesity treatment is much more appropriate.
Atractylodes fuling Soup Atractylodes, Poria, large stomach skin each 1 2 g, zhi, white walnut, anti-self, 9 g of almonds, cold temperatures rind, Alisma orientalis, Chixiaodou per 15 g, summer 6 g, orange-peel 5 g, earth bone skin 10 g. Inch doses every day, water-fried clothes, evening and morning inch week per day, just take 1 weeks at a row.
The impact of losing weight is particularly obvious for fat people who have spleen deficiency and phlegm-sheng type.
Obesity in precisely the exact same period with higher blood pressure, hyperlipidemia patients choose, the consequence is very obvious.
Salvia miltiorrhiza Horn Soup Salvia miltiorrhiza 20 g, water horn 1-5 g, Astragalus 1-5 g, shou wu 1-5 g, Yin Chen 1-5 g, Alisma orientalis 10 g, hawthorn 10 g, 9 g of anti-self, Angelica 9 g, Chuanxiong 9 g, g of sin ling spleen, raw rhubarb 6 g. Panfried, two times each day. The consequence of obesity is very important.