Seasoning: Elegant petroleum 100 g, ginger 5 g, gar

Seasoning: Elegant petroleum 100 g, ginger 5 g, garlic five g, spring onion 5 g, msg 20 g, poultry character 20 g, cooking wine 20 g, pepper powder 5 g, batter 3000 g, the correct quantity of salt.
The life expectancy is rapidly into this body pressure is more bigger attention should be paid by the man notably increases the kidney. So do men maintain their own body healthy?
Chicken-wings together with Chaise-longue
By the beginning of consuming , the 3 leading health-preserving restaurants actually shouldn’t be overlooked…

Mutton Hot-pot
Efficacy: On this nice tune human anatomy feeble, anemia blowing gets got the tonic impact. Products: substances: Angelica thirty g.
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Supplies: substances: Fish epidermis tough yam five hundred g, sweetscented Osmanthus 2 g, stone sugar seventy five g, cooked white sesame oil 5 g, cooked peanuts 1, 000 g.
Efficacy: There’s spleen, de-humidification, also the advantages of kidney and lung, the health advantages of Qi.
Supplies: elements: chicken-wings 1, 000 g of attachments: Granite bears 100 g, mushrooms (clean new ) twenty five g of seasoning: stone glucose 25 g, soy sauce fifty g, reddish wine fifty g, starch (corn) 20 g, cooking beef 50 g, green blossoms 1-5 g, ginger 1-5 g.