Almost half of the causes of impotence are caused by psychol

Almost half of the causes of impotence are caused by psychological reasons, either because of work stress, psychological stress, or because of lack of awareness of sexual life, and when these psychological factors are solved by means of grooming, Yangshuo can be made. It’s not broken directly.

Psychological treatment


There are many diseases that cause impotence, so in the treatment of this type of impotence, many experts will first check to see what diseases are caused by the disease, to treat the disease through the treatment of the disease, and then to adjust the sex The ability to return to the original look.

Treatment of primary diseases

Surgical treatment can be said to be a more common method. This is to directly implant the prosthesis at the position of the penis, and then the sexual ability is restored to a certain extent. If the effect is good, the sexual ability will be restored to the original. Happening.

Surgical treatment

Method of treating impotence

If the impotence is cured, what is the standard to look at. If it is treated by some external means, such as implanting a prosthesis to restore our sexual life, it is a cure, or because the primary disease and psychological causes lead to impotence, after treatment of the primary disease The ability to return to the original state is also considered a cure, so that impotence can be cured.

Can Yangshuo be cured?


The disease of impotence is more common in men. It is a terrible thing to suffer from impotence. Once impotence occurs, the sexual relationship between husband and wife will be uncoordinated. Perhaps most people think that impotence is incurable, or take some folk remedies , but will you find that these remedies tend to make impotence more and more serious, so how should Yangshuo be treated? Here is the treatment of impotence. Way, I hope to help everyone.