Don’t underestimate the clothes, because this is not only the

Don’t underestimate the clothes, because this is not only the appearance of the appearance, but also linked to health. If men often wear tight-fitting jeans, it will lead to an increase in the temperature of the private parts, and then the bacteria will be born, resulting in a greater chance of men with orchitis.

Pay attention to clothes

In the usual time, you can eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, which can increase the body’s intake of vitamin C, thereby improving the body’s anti-inflammatory ability, which will prevent inflammation.

Vitamin C supplementation


Unclean sex life often causes certain damage to the reproductive organs, because it will cause the virus or bacteria to infect the reproductive organs. Once the reproductive organs are sick, the health of the testicles will be problematic, and orchitis will follow. It’s coming.

Avoid unclean sex life

Everyone knows that the body’s low immunity is linked to the chance of getting sick, so you can choose to improve your body immunity when you want to prevent any disease. Orchitis is no exception, so you can do it in normal times. Exercise to improve your body’s immunity.

Improve body immunity

In the usual time, pay attention to the maintenance of the testicles, such as cleaning the private parts in the morning and evening, so that the private parts become relatively clean. In addition, you can massage the testicles while taking a bath, and if you find other abnormalities or pain in the testicles, you need to go to the hospital for examination.

Pay attention to normal maintenance

Men have a coup to prevent orchitis


The health of men’s private parts is also very important. If you do not pay attention to care, it will breed some private diseases. Orchitis is a common private disease in men. It poses a threat to men’s health and may even lead to infertility in men. The situation, therefore, men must pay attention, then how to prevent orchitis, a common male disease? Let’s take a look at the prevention of male orchitis!