Men do not prevent environmental pollution by ensuring th

Men do not prevent environmental pollution by ensuring that the environment in which they live is not polluted. Environmental pollution is one of the main culprits in the significant decline in sperm quality.

5. Environmental pollution

Harmful components in tobacco can enter the reproductive system through blood circulation and cause toxic effects directly or indirectly. For Dad, smoking not only affects the success rate of conception, but also seriously affects the quality of fertilized eggs and embryos. In addition, long-term large-scale smoking is more likely to cause sexual dysfunction, and indirectly reduces fertility. Passive smokers are even more harmful.

4, smoking

Try to avoid using computers and other electrical appliances, experts pointed out that the electromagnetic radiation of home appliances is mostly safe. As long as the home appliances are used reasonably, their impact on reproductive health is minimal.

3. Electronic products

Long-term sleep will oppress the scrotum, stimulate the penis, and easily cause frequent nocturnal emission. Frequent nocturnal emission can cause dizziness, back pain, fatigue, lack of concentration, and serious work and life. Young people are already sensitive to penile irritation, and should not take this sleeping position. Also, people with frequent nocturnal emission should also beware of this sleeping position to aggravate the condition.

2, sleepy

Testicles are most afraid of high temperatures, and often working in a higher temperature environment can inhibit sperm production. For example, frequent high-temperature environmental factors such as steaming saunas, wearing tight pants, long-term use of electric blankets, chefs, boiler workers, iron-making workers, and open-air operations in summer have a great impact on male sowing ability.

1, high temperature

What are the bad habits of male infertility?


Most of the male infertility is related to the daily life habits of the patients themselves. In this regard, male experts say that men who want to prevent infertility first need to develop good habits. So what bad habits in life can lead to male infertility? In response to this problem, Xiaobian introduces the bad habits that lead to male infertility and how men can protect sexual ability.