Kidney is a topic that many men are more concerned ab

Kidney is a topic that many men are more concerned about. This is related to the dignity of men. It is also a manifestation of male abilities. In general, male kidney deficiency can have symptoms of dizziness and backache, which can seriously affect fertility. Therefore, men must protect. Good kidney health, then how do you know if your kidney is good?


If the kidney is not good, what are the signals?

Long blisters on your fingers

If there are some small blisters on the side of the finger, and it is accompanied by itching, even if you squeeze her out, there will be water flowing out, which is very likely to be a bad performance of the kidney. Because this indicates that some of the toxins in your body are incomplete or even difficult to rule out.

Nail abnormalities

If your nails are wide and narrow at the front and the front end of the nails is tilted up, it is very likely that some part of your kidney may be inflamed and caused by too much toxins in the body. Another situation is that your nails slowly become an oblate shape, deviating from the normal shape, indicating that the toxins in your body have really accumulated to a certain extent, it is time to detoxify your kidneys. Even your nails will appear yellow, because normal people’s nails are light red. If the kidney is not good, it will affect the color of the nails. Kidney black will make the color of the nails abnormal.


Finger deformation

Some people’s fingers will be much thicker than the entire finger, and round, like a drumstick, indicating that your kidneys are most likely to be damaged.

The thumb of the little finger is pale and dull

It is said that the little finger is the corresponding kidney organ. If you find that your little finger is not a normal color, and even white spots appear, then you are most likely already a serious kidney deficiency.