A lot of athlete’s foot will have an itching situation when it is sick. It is best not

A lot of athlete’s foot will have an itching situation when it is sick. It is best not to catch it, or be careful to break the skin. The easiest way to do this is to use fresh orange peel to apply itchy areas. It is okay if you want to apply full feet. This anti-itching effect is great.

If you have itching, you can use orange peel.

Use to dry the leaves, the amount of leaves is about 50 to 100, depending on the specific circumstances. Or people who don’t want to boil can use hot water to soak them, and then cool them to a certain temperature before they soak their feet. Trying it a few times works well. There is also a certain health effect.

Try to soak your feet with water from the leaves


Many people still can’t cure their athlete’s foot after trying a lot of drugs and plasters, so they tried to use aloe vera and found that the effect was not enough. If you have a serious athlete’s foot, after you wash your feet, apply aloe vera to your juice and then apply it to your feet. Then let it dry yourself. One foot is best to use a leaf of aloe vera. After at least five times, you will not Know what athlete’s foot is.

Try to use aloe vera

Can’t because of the winter, the weather is cold, it is a difficult thing to feel that bathing and washing your feet. These are excuses. Now people’s environment is not difficult to get to that point. Many people have hot water heating, so don’t take excuses to stop. Wash your feet and soak your feet.

Wash your feet

How can I get rid of the ankle troubles?


Most people think that the winter weather is cold, it is not easy to sweat, it will not breed athlete’s foot, so the hygiene of the feet is not so important. Xiao Bian reminds you that if you think so, it will be wrong. In winter, your athlete’s foot will be more serious, so you should pay attention to it in winter. So how can you get rid of your ankle?