These aspects of maintenance can not be less, many women face menopausal

These aspects of maintenance can not be less, many women face menopausal conditions, must pay attention to the regulation of the body, but also pay attention to maintain a good attitude, pay attention to the conditioning of the lungs, effectively regulate brain function, but also pay attention to changes in the ovary, comprehensive Taking care can make you healthier.


In general, a person’s lung capacity is at its best when he is 20 years old. After 20 years of age, he will begin to decline. By the age of 40, his lung capacity will drop very badly, and a little activity will be panting.

6, the lungs

After 40 years of age, the amount of saliva secreted by the human body will decrease, and saliva will wash away bacteria, saliva will decrease, teeth and gums will be easily rotted, and it will easily shrink.

5, teeth

After the age of 35, the bones of the human body begin to age, the bones begin to drain, and the human body enters the natural aging stage, which is very common in life. Some people are old and their height is lowered, which is very strange. Appropriate calcium supplementation daily has a very good effect on preventing osteoporosis and pathological fractures. For menopausal women who lack exercise, vitamin intake should be increased daily.

4, bones

Female friends want to maintain the ovaries, the first method of diet, safer. Honey is a very good one. The honey in the above picture can regulate endocrine and relieve symptoms such as hotspots and night sweats in menopause. It can be found on the peach bag.

Entering the menopause, it also indicates the transition period from ovarian function to decay to complete disappearance. For women, the ovaries are crucial. It not only has fertility function, but also endocrine function. Therefore, at this stage of menopause, the physiological changes of some female friends are mostly caused by the decline of ovarian function.

3, ovary

Female breasts age from the age of 35. Once again, the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the female body will gradually decrease, so the breast will gradually begin to age and sag. When the age reaches 40, the areola will begin to shrink.

2, breast

When a woman reaches menopause, her personality will change and her memory will decline. At this time, it is recommended that menopausal women learn more new skills that they are interested in, which will not only enrich their lives, but also improve their memory!

In fact, many people don’t know that our brains have been aging since the age of 22. By the age of 40, nerve cells will decrease at a rate of 10,000 per day, which is why people with ages are getting worse and worse. the reason.

1, the brain nervous system

After the woman reaches 40 years old, all parts of the body will show signs of decline, such as more and more wrinkles, weak body, usually everyone must pay attention to maintenance, in order to make the body more healthy, usually pay attention to the body conditioning, then 40-year-old woman maintenance What are the methods?