Have you learned about the maintenance methods of wo

Have you learned about the maintenance methods of women’s private parts? Our private parts are intimate areas that need extreme protection. Everyone must understand the health care methods of private parts and be rich and practical in life.
Women’s physique is very special, but also more afraid of cold, because the lower body cold is easy to cause palace cold, which causes dysmenorrhea, increased bacteria in the vagina, and eventually lead to a variety of pelvic inflammatory disease, annexitis and other gynecological diseases. In view of this situation, female friends must pay attention to keeping the abdomen warm, so as to minimize the factors that harm themselves, and to minimize the chance of suffering from gynecological diseases.

Seven, keep the abdomen warm

For women, condoms are not just a tool for contraception. They can also block many bacteria and diseases from outside, so female friends should never sacrifice their health for the sake of the moment.

Six, use condoms

What female friends should also do is trim the body hair. It is best to use the method of “shearing” and try to eliminate the use of chemicals such as hair removal cream. Because the skin around the private parts is relatively fragile, it is easily attacked by chemical agents and is also prone to allergic reactions. Although the effect of cutting is not as good and fast as those chemicals, but for the sake of health, female friends have to bear it. .

Five, trimming body hair

The vagina is one of the most common organs in women, so female friends must also pay attention to the maintenance of the vagina. Specifically, it can be used to reduce the yin movement. The method and strength of resisting urination can be done several times a day, which not only can make the vagina firm, but also can promote the blood circulation of the inner wall of the vagina.

Fourth, do the contraction movement

Women should wear cotton underwear as much as possible in their lives so that they can breathe in the private parts, and at the same time pay attention to wearing tight pants and jeans as much as possible. In order to prevent the pants from being too tight, the pressure on the private parts will eventually lead to an increase in the temperature of the private parts, which will breed a large number of bacteria and cause gynecological diseases such as vaginitis.

Third, choose cotton underwear

Due to work or other reasons, many women are sitting for a long time, and their long-term sitting is not good for women’s health. First of all, long-term sitting can cause diseases of the heart, blood vessels and breasts, and secondly it will squeeze into the private parts, causing a variety of gynecological diseases. In the past, women who have been in sedentary for a long time must start from now, and must exercise more and exercise. If necessary, they can choose to study yoga.

Second, do not sit for a long time

Keeping the private parts clean, I believe this is true of female friends, but there are not many in the true sense. What we call keeping the private parts clean, on the one hand, it is necessary for female friends to change their underwear frequently, and on the other hand, women need to clean their private parts every day. In the process of cleaning, it is best for women to use a colorless, odorless bath soap to pour foam on their hands, then put the foam in a private place for sputum, try not to use the lotion for a long time to prevent damage to the acid and alkali in the vagina. balance.

First, keep the private parts clean

Private care is related to the health of our women, but there are very few women who really understand private care. Many women are obsessed with face and will not pay attention to the problem of private care. In fact, private health is very important. So, how should women do private parts maintenance?