It is normal for women to have breast tenderness

It is normal for women to have breast tenderness before menstruation, but everyone must be aware of the cause of breast pain, because some may be caused by pathology. If it is pathological, it is necessary to take timely treatment.
In addition to premenstrual breast pain, people with liver and kidney yin deficiency have troubles, poor sleep, headache, dizziness, cold hands and feet, thin body, backache, knee weakness, lip color red, easy mouth ulcers and so on.

Liver and kidney yin deficiency

Common symptoms of liver spleen and spleen are obvious pain in the anterior breast, pain in the lower abdomen accompanied by falling feeling, bad appetite, weakness in the limbs, multi-color after menstruation, leucorrhea and so on.

Liver spleen and dampness

Liver qi stagnation is associated with poor mood or excessive stress. In addition to the painful feeling of the breast, this type of woman will also have irritability, emotional irritability, nausea, and menstrual blood after the menstrual period, and the color is black.

Liver qi stagnation

Chinese medicine believes that the breast is retracted by the stomach, and the nipple is treated by the liver. Therefore, the pre-menstrual breast pain is also related to the liver and stomach.

3, breast pain before menstruation and liver and stomach related

Breast pain before menstruation is due to increased estrogen levels in the body, hyperplasia of the mammary gland, and premenstrual syndrome caused by edema in the breast tissue. Symptoms usually disappear after menstruation. If the breast has nodules or lumps, and does not disappear after the menstrual period, it is not possible to exclude breast hyperplasia or malignant lesions of the breast. It must be checked regularly and prevented early.

2, pathological factors

Breast pain before menstruation may be related to endocrine factors, mental factors or water and salt retention in the body, or may be due to abnormal release of endorphins, leading to regulation of hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian-uterine axis or vitamin B in the body. Lack of cause.

1. Endocrine factors

Many women have breast pain before they come to menstruation. Some people are in serious condition. Some people are mild, but they all cause great troubles for women. Sometimes they will hurt if they don’t pay attention. Don’t worry. So why does the breast hurt before the holiday?