Some women have breast pain on weekdays. Then, at this tim

Some women have breast pain on weekdays. Then, at this time, they will be vigilant. Is there any reason for their body? Shouldn’t they take any treatment? So what are the reasons for breast pain in women?


1. Adolescent breast pain:

The breasts of girls aged 9-13 begin to develop, and the breast tissue under the nipples has a rounded induration such as peas to broad beans, with slight pain. After menarche, the maturity of the breasts with adolescence will disappear on its own.

2. Menstrual breast pain:

It is the most common type of breast pain, accounting for about 65% of all breast pain, with an average age of 35 years. The pain often appears or worsens about 3-7 days before menstruation, and gradually disappears or alleviates after menstruation. The degree of pain per month is not consistent, and it is often a feeling of heavyness, pain or dull pain or occasional brief acupuncture. It is accompanied by tender breast nodules, which are aggravated when oppressed, active or with a handpiece.

3. Breast pain during pregnancy:

Some expectant mothers, about 40 days after pregnancy, due to the secretion of a large amount of estrogen and progesterone from the placenta and villi, the breasts are enlarged, and the breasts are painful. The severe ones can last throughout the pregnancy and often do not require treatment.

4. Postpartum breast pain:

3-7 days after delivery, there is often double breast fullness, induration, and pain. This is mainly caused by prolactin, venous filling and interstitial edema and milk filling. Therefore, the mother should breastfeed as soon as possible. When there is induration, it can be heat-applied and massaged before the breast-feeding. It can also be sucked by a breast pump to promote the smoothness of the breast duct.

5. Breast pain after artificial abortion:

Some women feel breast pain after abortion and can touch the mass. This is due to a sudden interruption of pregnancy, a sharp drop in hormone levels in the body, causing the newly developed mammary gland to suddenly stop growing, causing breast lumps and breast pain.

6. Breast pain after sex life:

If the sexual desire is indifferent or the sexual life is not harmonious, because the sexual satisfaction is not met, the congestion and swelling of the breast will not easily subside, and the persistent congestion will cause the breast to ache.

7. Chest wall disease breast pain:

Chest wall disease such as chest muscle or rib inflammation can also be expressed as breast pain. It is more common with burning or pulling feeling, and it can also have stinging. The tender part is almost always on one side.

8. Pathological pain and timely treatment of related diseases

Chest wall disease, heart disease, cervical spondylosis, oral diseases, etc. can cause this pain, accounting for about 26% of breast pain cases. The pain of these diseases is often mistaken for breast pain. It should be checked promptly after pain, but the most common cause of breast pain is breast hyperplasia, which is also a common factor.

9. Breast pain caused by cervical spondylosis:

Cervical spondylosis can cause breast pain, which is caused by cervical spine degeneration and cervical nerve root involvement. This pain is mostly chronic and is unilateral. The degree of pain is often related to the position of the neck. In addition to breast pain, there are chest pain, tenderness and pain in the neck, pillow, shoulder and arm. X-ray films often have signs of degenerative disease, while the breast itself. No abnormal performance.

10. Breast hyperplasia breast pain

There is no fixed time and longer duration with the menstrual cycle. These women are mostly around 40-45 years old, slightly older than those with physiological pain, and the pain is limited to the breast and the position is relatively shallow.

11. Mastitis breast pain:

This pain is very obvious, unbearable, accompanied by redness, swelling, and heat, most of which occur within 1-2 months after primipara. Breast pain is also often related to mood swings and work stress.

12. Increased pressure leads to pain:

The spirit also affects hormone secretion and menstrual cramps, leading to hyperplasia of the breast. Work is too busy, when the pressure is increased, not only will menstrual disorders, but also breast pain.

13. My heart suggests pain:

Some women “expect” breast pain before and after menstruation, and often there is pain at that time, which has formed a psychological suggestion and conditioning. So keeping a good mood is the best way to reduce or eliminate mental breast pain.

The above is the introduction of several reasons for breast pain in women. Breast pain can’t be plain and unreasonable. You must know the cause of breast pain. If you can’t find it, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a check and seek the help of a professional doctor.