Nap to help sleep: keep your eyes closed for 20-30 m

Nap to help sleep: keep your eyes closed for 20-30 minutes in the afternoon, don’t sleep too much, let yourself be in a state of relative excitement when working in the afternoon, which is good for falling asleep at night.
Sleeping posture helps sleep : to ensure a good sleep, to pay attention to sleeping position, when sleeping on the side, the lower limbs should be bent. When sleeping on the back, the torso of the limbs should be straight. The right lateral position is the best lying position.

Meditation to help sleep : go to bed supine, close your eyes, relax your body, put your hands flat on both sides; adjust your breathing evenly, slowly, nasally and sniff; look at the infuriating in the universe, fresh and clean like nectar, slowly flow from Baihui to two Legs, and finally flow out of the body from the spring.

Incense to help sleep: put a bunch of lavender on the bedside, or apple, chamomile, lemon, or about 10 grams of ginger cut into silk; you can also add a few drops of essential oils such as sandalwood, lavender, etc. in the bath, you can relax muscles, Relieve fatigue; or use medicine pillows, such as the use of mulberry leaves dry pillow, buckwheat pillow, chrysanthemum pillow and so on.

Massage to help sleep : before going to bed to massage Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Yongquan, Baihui, Sun and Shenque points, lasting 20-30 minutes.

Music sleep aid: 2 hours before going to bed, meditation, listening to 40 minutes of music under the state of relaxation, such as “Spring River Flower Moon Night”, “Military Harbor Night”, “Pinghu Qiuyue”, “Two Springs Reflecting the Moon”, “Small Town Story”, “Meihua Sannong” “Mountain Flowing Water”, “Happy Ocean”, “Happiness” and so on.

Soaking feet to help sleep : develop a habit of regular sleep, do not stay up late, 30 minutes before going to bed, hot feet.

Emotional sleep: stay optimistic, satisfy the good mood of regular music, avoid bad emotional stimulation; learn to relax, let the bad emotions get fully vented; be confident, avoid disorder and self-suspicion.

Food to help sleep : usually eat more celery, lettuce, day lily, sesame, oatmeal, lotus seeds, sliced ??bread, jujube and so on.

Chinese medicine has recommended some methods that may solve the troubles of insomniacs.

It is estimated that only about 15% of insomnia is simple insomnia, and most of the rest of insomnia is “causeful.” These factors include mental factors, emotional factors, disease factors, poor sleep habits, stress factors, eating habits, physical deficiencies, and drug factors.

What is sleep disorder? The main reason for sleep disorders is that at night, the human body is still in a state of excitement. Yang is not yin or qi and blood is insufficient, and virtual annoyance leads to imaginary yang. Sleep disorders mainly refer to difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake up or wake up early, long-term shallow sleep, resulting in poor sleep quality, significantly reduced sleep time, and severe sleepless nights.

How to save the sleep that was stolen?  Experts to help

Sleep is one of the most basic physiological functions of a person, occupying at least one-third of the life of the whole life. Some people sleep very well and are very plentiful, but some people do not sleep well and feel full of “frustration.” Today, TCM health experts, talk to you, how to save the sleep that was stolen.