It can be seen that washing hands is really a very imp

It can be seen that washing hands is really a very important thing. I hope everyone can develop a good habit of washing their hands frequently. Otherwise, use dirty hands to get things to eat, think it is disgusting, it will cause illness, not too lazy!
Wash the foam and dry the handle. If you want extra cleaning, put your elbows in the paper towel dispenser, then cover your hands with a paper towel and take your hand out.

Open the faucet and use a soap to remove the foam. It is recommended to sing “Happy Birthday” twice while washing your hands. In short, you have to wash for 20 seconds.

The way to wash your hands properly:

Similarly, men do not wash their hands more, and only 60% of men say they always wash their hands after using a public restroom, while women have 74%. Nearly 2.5 times of men will say “no need.” However, boys do not pay attention to washing their hands, which may lead to infection of the bacteria, which may induce various diseases.

According to a survey by Bradley, a manufacturer of bathroom products, in 2013, 70% admitted that they did not use soap when washing their hands, while 81% mentioned that they had been in public toilets in the past year. See others don’t wash their hands.

I don’t like to wash my hands after urinating. I am sicker than a woman.

For men, urinating is a very easy behavior, so it is usually not used as a way of spreading bacteria. When a man goes to urinate, he only needs to untie the zipper of the trousers. They may feel that this is such a trivial matter that there is no need to wash their hands.

“Men don’t care much about these things,” Carl, an associate professor at Michigan State University, told The Huffington Post. “They don’t think about these issues, they don’t like to let others tell them what to do.” They only take it as one thing when cleaning their genitals. “Many men think that unless it is a bowel movement, there is no need to wash your hands,” Carl said.

Men do not wash their hands and are prone to illness

Researchers hid in a public bathroom in the University of Michigan to observe people. They found that 10% of people didn’t wash their hands afterwards, and nearly a quarter of them just washed their hands with water. What is the average hand washing time? Only 6 seconds, which is far below the 20 seconds recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some simple steps are considered unnecessary by many people, such as in public places, such as from the office to the bathroom. Some people even just open the faucet and pretend to wash their hands.

The Centers for Disease Control and Research says that washing hands can fight the flu and enteroviruses. We should wash our hands more often in one day, which is the hand-washing habit we should study – it may be a bit disgusting.

Do not love to wash your hands and become sick

I don’t like to wash my hands after urinating. I am sicker than a woman.

Everyone has received such education when they were young, that is, they should wash their hands before and after meals, and then wash their hands afterwards. But many people are lazy, especially in winter, they don’t want to touch cold water. This is a very unsanitary habit. In particular, boys who do not wash their hands after urinating will affect their health and may cause illness. It is not for you to take a look at the importance of hand washing.