Studies have shown that lack of sleep may lead t

Studies have shown that lack of sleep may lead to a decrease in leptin in the blood and an increase in ghrelin, which leads to more people with insufficient sleep and increased energy intake. And lack of sleep can also affect dietary preferences, intake more high-sugar and high-fat foods, and reduce the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Insufficient sleep may also affect


the distribution of body fat through the hypothalamus <pituitary <adrenal axis, which means that fat accumulates in the abdomen by affecting the secretion of cortisol. Insufficient sleep is also significantly associated with cardiovascular risk factors such as inflammatory markers in the blood circulation, and the inflammatory response may be one of the mechanisms leading to central obesity and other metabolic disorders. Therefore, you must sleep well when you sleep!

4. Sleep well

When you are on a diet, the body needs to produce glucose through gluconeogenesis to maintain the most basic metabolism of certain tissues in the body. At this time, certain amino acids and glycerol can be used for gluconeogenesis. At this time, the loss of protein is also very large, that is to say, we sacrificed a lot of lean body weight to maintain life during the diet, and in the process, due to changes in hormone levels, once the diet is restored, our body stores fat. The ability will be stronger. Therefore, a stable and healthy diet, don’t think about losing the fat that you have eaten for a lifetime. At the same time, in the case of normal three meals a day, drink a cup of Luo Han Guo lotus leaf tea before meals, especially the lotus leaf tea made from tea bags, which is rich in tea leptin, can help improve the body’s metabolism, often drink It is easy to become lean body.

3. Eat enough, don’t diet

In fact, there is a simpler way: when the urine is too yellow, it means that your water shortage is very serious. From the symptoms of water shortage, we can see that many of the metabolism will slow down when the body is dehydrated, and the accumulation of abdominal fat is also a reflection of the overall metabolism slowing down or disorder – so hydration is the basis of the foundation.

Water is an indispensable medium in all metabolic processes. If you have the following symptoms, you should hydrate it: easy to constipate; often thirsty; feel tired; difficult to concentrate; always feel hot skin; frequent infection; dry hair Easy to break.

2. Drinking water

The pedometer should have the feeling that if you stay at home for a day, even if you go to the gym for an hour in the evening, your daily walking steps will not exceed 10,000. But if you are busy this day, there are a lot of things to deal with, such as going from the office to the office, signing and stamping, chatting, and the amount of activity in a day is over 10,000. If you go shopping again, it’s easy. Up to 20,000! Don’t underestimate these low-intensity exercises, they can help the body to be in a more active state. Sticking to frequent small movements, the “swim ring” at the waist is gone.

1. Reduce sit-in time

Therefore, weight loss still needs a gradual process. To reduce your stomach, adjust your condition first, good sleep, regular exercise, and a healthy diet to keep you energized. Try these methods:

In addition, because the human body needs balanced nutrition to maintain its physiological functions and daily activities, if it is fasted or eats only fruits, it can not provide the body with the required nutrients, especially protein and fat and carbohydrates. It is easy to have malnutrition and anemia.

3, malnutrition

Secondly, under the influence of extreme weight loss, dieters can easily rebound. Although it can reduce weight in a few days by dieting or fasting, and even bring about obvious weight loss, once you return to normal diet, it is easy to rebound, and even more likely to lose weight. It was fatter before, and at this time, the body will automatically release the ability to protect the body, causing a relatively large rebound.

2, there is a rebound

The most basic unit that forms the human body is the cell, and the main component that makes up the cell is protein, and every organ in the human body is designed with protein. Once we use too much extreme methods to lose weight, we can’t get enough protein and it will affect the function of the whole body. People’s skin will become more and more dim, more and more susceptible to aging, the body’s metabolism will be disordered, endocrine will be out of tune, and resistance will decline.

1, premature aging

So you can’t let go of the big belly. Is it possible to try to lose weight quickly? In this regard, experts say that losing weight is too fast and can cause harm to the body. Specifically, there are three major injuries:

Lose weight is too fast to hurt!  What if you don’t have weight but have a big belly?

Obviously, the weight is not heavy, it seems even a little thin, why is it with a big belly? Do you need to make some changes? The stomach is big, this problem is actually very serious. Because of the great fat in the abdomen, fat may grow around the internal organs. The doctor stressed: In other places, long fat is long meat, but long fat around the internal organs is sick.