ll in all, for men, the fertility of the woman is an important crite

All in all, for men, the fertility of the woman is an important criterion for assessment, which means that the younger the woman, the more dominant. Especially for men who are in their 30s and 40s, their attention to the opposite sex has shifted to fertility. Although men of this age do not exclude women around the age of 30, attention is more Above 20 women.
For men, the older they have the advantage, even in the husband and wife life can not help, easy to fatigue, eat a card beforehand can ease, often eat can also ensure fertility. For women, the husband and wife life is not the key point. Whether it is good or not is the key. The older the age means the risk of childbirth.

The improvement of women’s status, self-development is easy to ignore the environmental factors and the idea of ??heterosexual mate selection, often found in the 30-year-old career Xiaocheng found the lack of life.

At the same time, it cannot be ignored that male-to-female preferences are concentrated in a narrow age range, which means that when women miss the age range of high attraction, their attractiveness will drop sharply.

Intellectual “mature women” are indeed becoming more and more popular, but what makes them more troublesome is that for men, age also involves fertility problems, especially for 30-40 year old male marriage contributors who pay attention to the subjects. Age is this.

Intellectual “mature women” are popular but also troubled

How many years old woman is the ideal marriage partner for men

3, Chinese men have a wider age requirement for the opposite sex, and as their age increases, there are fewer age restrictions for the opposite sex.

2. Males after 60 years of age have a greater need for younger female spouses than the world.

1. The concept of “male and female” is relatively loose in the country. Single men before the age of 60 do not mind that the woman is older than her.

The survey shows that Chinese men and the world tend to be similar

How many years old woman is the ideal marriage partner for men

Due to the provisions of the Marriage Law and the Family Planning Law of our country, the survey age sampling began at the age of 23. From the survey chart, as the age increases, the male’s expected spouse age gap decreases accordingly. Men in their thirties prefer women who are about 5 years younger than themselves, while men in their 50s prefer to choose themselves. Small 10 to 20 years old.

Generally, the marryers will consider the spouse’s age requirements from their own age. From a global perspective, even if the cultural differences vary greatly, men generally choose women who are younger than themselves as wives. Adolescent men prefer women who are slightly older than themselves. .

How many years old woman is the ideal marriage partner for men

Your own age is an important factor in determining the age of the other person.

How many years old girls do men like most? Which women are the ideal objects for marriage in the minds of men? Recently, a marriage network has conducted a survey to interpret the meaning of “marriage age” in men’s hearts from relative age and absolute age.