5, the consumption of crabs during menstruation, will ca

5, the consumption of crabs during menstruation, will cause menstrual disorders or let the menstrual blood stop, digestive function is reduced. Excess waste in the body will accumulate in the body and form fat.
Bitter melon is cold and cool, which will make the menstrual blood shrink rapidly during menstruation, resulting in the smooth discharge of menstrual blood.

Tea contains caffeine, which causes the body to excite and stimulates the body’s metabolic function. If during the menstrual period 4, drinking strong tea will have a serious menstrual period, and will increase the amount of menstruation, affecting physical health.

3, persimmon contains too much sugar, if the menstrual period is not easy to eat during menstruation.

2, spicy food is easy to cause irregular menstruation or menstrual flow. Seriously, it will also affect the metabolism of the physiological period, and even let the body hoard a lot of fat.

1. The sugar content of chocolate is very high. Excess sugar will make the trace minerals in the body consume, which will make you weaker in the physiological period.

Eat this way during the menstrual period, smoothly discharge the blood and beauty

What can you eat during the menstrual period?

6, the menstrual period of the kidney to play the role of detoxification, pay attention to keep warm, do not catch cold, do not eat cold things, black things are mostly conducive to detoxification, eat black things during menstruation, such as black fungus, kelp is also very good .

5, drink warm water during the menstrual period, more toilets, more conducive to the elimination of excess garbage in the body, and drink plenty of water can also keep the stool smooth, which can also reduce pelvic congestion. Eat more vegetables to ensure a balanced diet.

4, menstrual period is easy to low back pain, poor appetite, then you should eat more appetizing, easy to digest food, such as dates, noodles, glutinous rice porridge.

Eat this way during the menstrual period, smoothly discharge the blood and beauty

You can eat some sweets to help detoxify and drain blood. And this time you can eat sweets, because it will be fat.

3, proper eating pig blood can play a role in helping the discharge of blood.

2. Brown sugar is a common food in life. Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is warm and sweet, and enters the spleen. Sugar has the effect of spleen and liver, blood, blood circulation, silt and excretion. Drinking brown sugar water during menstruation helps to eliminate toxins and eliminate congestion. It can warm the body, increase energy, activate blood and blood circulation, and make menstruation more smooth.

1. Mung bean can solve hundreds of poisons, can help the excretion of poisons in the body and promote the normal metabolism of the body. Mung beans can be hangover, wild venom, arsenic, organophosphorus pesticide poison, lead poison, danshi poison, rat poison. Feeding green bean sprouts can treat night blindness caused by lack of vitamin A, lack of vitamin B2 caused by tongue sore stomatitis and scrotal inflammation, and scurvy caused by vitamin C deficiency.

What kind of blood is discharged during menstruation?

Eat this way during the menstrual period, smoothly discharge the blood and beauty

When talking about menstruation, many people only think about the pain caused by menstruation, but in fact, as a normal physiological phenomenon of women, menstruation is also a good time for health care, through the diet during menstruation can better discharge the body’s blood.