From the perspective of calcium supplementatio

From the perspective of calcium supplementation, women are the most vulnerable group of calcium deficiency, and the calcium supplementation effect of milk is better than any kind of food, especially yogurt, which is more easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, women should guarantee a cup of yogurt every day.
Fourth, a cup of yogurt

Women are still a bit “vinegar”. Eating vinegar for three meals a day can delay the occurrence of hardening of the arteries. It is already repeated health care knowledge . For women, in addition to diet, add a bottle of vinegar to the dressing table, and apply it once after washing your hands. Layer vinegar, leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off to make the skin of your hands soft and delicate. If the tap water in your place of residence is hard, you can put a little vinegar in the daily wash water to make it look good.

Third, a cup of vinegar

Among the fruits and vegetables, tomatoes are the highest in vitamin C content, so at least one tomato per day is guaranteed to meet the vitamin C required for one day.

Second, a tomato

What women have to do is, at least one cup of boiled water in the morning and evening. A cup in the morning can clean the intestines. Supplementing the water lost at night, a cup at night ensures that the blood is not too thick due to lack of water overnight. The thickening of the blood will accelerate the hypoxia and pigmentation of the brain, and the aging will come early. Therefore, the role of drinking water per night cannot be underestimated.

Adequate moisture is a guarantee of health and beauty. Especially for women, lack of water will cause their bodies to age prematurely, and the skin will lose its luster due to “shrinking”. But because women’s metabolism is slower than men’s, consumption is lower than men’s, women tend to drink less than men, which will cause both physical and skin problems to occur at the same time.

First, two cups of boiled water in the morning and evening


Women want to have shiny and beautiful skin, so they will spend a lot of money to buy a variety of skin care products, Xiaobian tells you that it is not enough to have beautiful skin care products, health science habits also play a pivotal role. Women insist on doing seven things every day to make you more and more beautiful!