hazards of long-term air conditioning. Whether the girls know the

he above is an introduction to how to prevent the hazards of long-term air conditioning. Whether the girls know the menstrual disease prevention and treatment methods, if you have any questions about life and health, please continue to visit the health online network.
3, when the air conditioner is turned on, the general low is the coolest, the most afraid of the cold is the legs and feet, so women must wear socks in the air-conditioned room, even the stockings.

2. Keep the room temperature constant at around 26 °C.

1. After the air conditioner is turned on for 1-3 hours, it is best to turn off the time, open the window to breathe fresh air, or go to the outdoor activities every hour.

Air conditioning environment leads to small methods of prevention and treatment of menstrual diseases

The body can adjust the temperature spontaneously. When the surrounding temperature is high, the blood circulation of the human skin is accelerated, the body surface temperature is raised, and the heat is excreted by sweating. Because of the cold in winter, the blood circulation in the human body will slow down to reduce the body’s heat loss. However, this spontaneous regulation of the human body cannot be quickly converted. When people enter the air-conditioned room from the hot outside, the peripheral blood vessels cannot shrink quickly, resulting in poor peripheral blood circulation. Therefore, if the indoor temperature is too low for a long time, symptoms such as abdominal pain and dysmenorrhea are likely to occur. How to prevent the harm of long-term air conditioning, the following are several ways to deal with it.

In the hot summer, office girls often like to go to work barefoot in sandals, and stay in the air-conditioned office for one day. When I get home, I often turn on air conditioning all night. After a while, some women suddenly found themselves with menstrual disorders and abdominal pain.

Summer women often blow air conditioning will disrupt the menstrual cycle

For women, you can’t eat cold things during the menstrual period, you can’t catch cold. Therefore, long-term air conditioning in summer is also a big hazard for women. Air conditioning in the summer often not only has the risk of air conditioning, but also may lead to menstrual cycle disorders in women. Thereby affecting the ovarian function, causing ovulation disorders, leading to abdominal pain and bloating and menstrual disorders. So, how to prevent the danger of long-term air conditioning?