The above methods are very effective and can b

The above methods are very effective and can be taken properly, but don’t use drugs blindly. It must be taken according to the time of pregnancy and the doctor’s introduction, and adjust your eating habits in time to find out the cause in time. In order to achieve better care and preventive effects, I hope everyone can pay more attention.
3. Recipe: 1 raw loofah. Practice: peel the raw loofah, chop the juice, simmer with boiling water, 3 times a day, for 2 days. Efficacy: Loofah can clear away heat and phlegm, cool blood and detoxification. Helps relieve dry throat and sore throat caused by acute tonsil inflammation. The loofah is cool, and the pregnant woman should be stopped after 2 days of no improvement. Seek medical attention in time.

2. The salt has strong bactericidal power, and the salt water is prepared in the pharynx. The purulent secretion of bacteria and tonsil on the surface of the mouth can be washed away, which can clean the mouth, kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. When the pregnant woman has inflammation of the tonsils, it can be used for more than ten times a day with warm salt water. Each time, it contains a mouthful of phlegm and throat, and it will spit out after 1-2 minutes, which will help the recovery of the disease. ? Loofah juice?

1. Pregnant women are special people, mild tonsils are inflamed. It is not recommended to use drugs to avoid passing through the placenta and damage to the fetus. Try to stay in bed, drink plenty of water, and enter a light liquid diet such as porridge, soft noodles, vegetable soup, etc., to keep the stool smooth and promote toxin excretion. In addition, hot compress can be applied in winter on both sides of the neck, and cold compress can be used in summer, 3-4 times a day, about half an hour each time, to help relieve sore throat. ? Warm salt water contains 漱?

Women’s physical fitness will be weak after pregnancy. During this time, we must do physical care. Especially when he discovers that there is a tonsil, you must not care about it. You should choose the right way to treat it as soon as possible. The development of the fetus causes injury, causing irreparable consequences, then the treatment of tonsil inflammation in pregnant women ?