Be sure to pay more attention to soup. The soup tast

Be sure to pay more attention to soup. The soup tastes delicious, easy to digest and absorb, and can also promote milk secretion, such as brown sugar water, squid soup, pig’s trotter soup, pork ribs soup, etc. It should be noted that the soup and meat must be eaten together.
7, eat more soups

Pay attention to the intake of essential fats, which are good for your baby’s brain development, especially unsaturated fatty acids, which are especially important for the development of the central nervous system. The fat content and fatty acid composition of the lactating mommy diet can affect the amount of these nutrients in the milk. But it can’t be over-ingested. The heat provided by fat should be less than 1/3 of the total heat.

6, reasonable intake of essential fat

Postpartum hemorrhage and feeding the baby, iron supplementation is also very necessary, otherwise it is prone to anemia. If you pay more attention to eating hemoglobin-containing foods such as animal blood or liver, lean meat, fish, rape, spinach, etc., and beans, you can prevent postpartum anemia.

5, eat more iron-rich food

How to eat nutrition in the maternal month diet can keep up with

Breastfeeding Mommy has a large demand for calcium. It needs special attention to supplement it. It should increase the protein by about 25 grams per day to avoid affecting the amount of milk secretion. Because the intake of protein from the diet is insufficient, the effect on the protein content in the milk is not obvious, but it will affect the amount of milk secretion.

4, eat more calcium-rich foods

During the confinement period, the maternal and the babies need special nutrition. At this time, Bama sesame oil can be selected as the moon oil. It is derived from the world longevity town of Bama, rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, as well as essential trace elements such as lecithin, linolenic acid, iron minerals. The confinement is mainly for supplementing linolenic acid, while the linolenic acid in sesame oil is as high as 55%. Moreover, sesame oil has a hydrophilic factor, which can lock in moisture and can prevent and relieve constipation.

3, the moon oil should be selected.

How to eat nutrition in the maternal month diet can keep up with

Do not eat partial food, coarse grains and fine grains, not only pure rice noodles, but also with miscellaneous grains, such as millet, oatmeal, corn flour, brown rice, standard powder, red bean, mung bean and so on. This will not only ensure the intake of various nutrients, but also make the protein complement each other, improve the nutritional value of the food, and is beneficial to the new mother to restore the body.

2. The variety of staple foods for the month should be diversified.

In the month, you should eat more protein than usual, especially high-quality animal protein, such as chicken, fish, lean meat, animal liver, etc.; drinking milk and beans in moderation is also an essential supplement for the new mother. But not excessive intake, otherwise it will increase the burden of liver and kidney, but also easy to cause obesity, but it is not good for the body, generally 90-95 grams of protein per day can be.

1, the moon meal should be rich in protein

How to eat nutrition in the maternal month diet can keep up with

Maternal care during the confinement is very important for both the mother and the newborn. Due to the physical exertion of the mother during childbirth, postpartum hemorrhage, etc., the reserves of various nutrients will be consumed. A large amount of sweat and loss of postpartum will also consume a considerable amount of nutrients, and the healing of the wound requires sufficient nutrients. Therefore, add enough nutrients as soon as possible to replenish the damaged constitution. How to eat nutrition before the maternal month diet can keep up?