Zinc is a component of the six major enzymes in the hu

Zinc is a component of the six major enzymes in the human body and has a wide range of effects on the whole body. When there is a deficiency, there will be a loss of appetite and growth retardation, similar to the principle that Chinese medicine


“kidney deficiency” affects fertility and growth. The amount of zinc per kilogram of strontium is about 1000 mg; others such as meat, liver or eggs are also 20-50 mg; in addition, zinc is also found in Chinese cabbage, soybeans, brown rice, lentils, potatoes and pumpkins.

3, a balanced diet can get zinc

Iron is an essential trace element in the human body and is also a raw material for hematopoiesis. Because pregnant women have more fetuses and increased blood volume, pregnant women are very important in ingesting iron-containing foods. They can be obtained from milk, eggs, cherries, citrus, and black-purple grapes; or they can be enucleated and boiled. Tea is also ideal, but people with sticky mouths and high anger will not drink for the time being.

2, iron helps blood formation

Calcium is an important mineral in the human body, and it is also the most abundant and most needed mineral. It is not only related to bone density, but also to immunity. Lack of calcium will lead to imbalance of the immune system, easy infection and autoimmune diseases; and it is associated with muscle, normal contraction of the heart, and nerve response.

1, more calcium-containing food

Nutritional elements needed in the third trimester

Diet is very important for pregnant mothers, especially in the third trimester. So how should the mother in the third trimester reasonably arrange the diet?