When choosing baby socks, try to choose socks with loose sock

When choosing baby socks, try to choose socks with loose socks. The baby is comfortable to wear and has no feeling of restraint. The baby’s socks are best made of pure cotton, which makes them softer and absorbs sweat.
In the cold season, many babies still think about playing on the cold floor. At this time, it is recommended that moms and dads should put on socks for the baby. A lot of chills can enter the body from the ankles. Therefore, it is also a good way to keep your socks warm.

Baby wearing socks

2. Sleeping bag. In order to avoid the child’s kicking quilt situation, we recommend that the baby sleep in the sleeping bag during the autumn and winter seasons. This way, moms and dads will feel very at ease, and the baby will sleep more warmly.

1. Warm clothes. When the baby is going to sleep, we also need to prepare warm clothes for the baby. Baby warm clothes should be soft. Especially in the autumn, the skin of the child may also be dehydrated. If the warm clothes are rough, the baby will not sleep well.

In the autumn season, the temperature difference between morning and late night is still very large. When you sleep at night, some children may have a quilt, and the abdomen is easy to catch cold. Cooling your baby’s abdomen can cause other problems, such as diarrhea or other gastrointestinal problems. There are many ways to care for your baby’s abdomen.

Not feeling cold

When the baby is still small, the hair on the head is also less, and the warmth is still very low. Therefore, if the wind directly blows the baby’s head, then the baby is prone to a cold problem. Now in the late autumn, it is even more important to remember to prepare a hat for the child.

In the prevention of the baby’s cold, it is recommended to take a baby out of the door, to prepare a hat for the baby, to ensure that the baby’s head does not blow. Keep your baby’s head warm.

Baby head with less hair

Mom and Dad, after mastering the method of judging the child’s coldness and coldness, must learn how to keep the child warm. In the autumn and winter seasons, the wind outside is very large. After the child is cold, it is prone to cold and cold. Preventing is extremely important.

How to prevent children from catching colds in autumn and winter

3. Touch the skin. In addition to touching the hand and touching the baby’s neck and back, we also recommend touching the child’s skin and looking at the temperature of the baby’s skin. When the baby’s skin temperature is suitable, it is neither cold nor hot, so long, the child is dressed just right. If your baby’s skin is cold, it is better to wear some clothes properly.

2. Touch the neck and back. The most scientific way to determine if your child is cold is to touch the baby’s neck and back. For parents who have parenting experience, when they judge that the child is cold or cold, they use their own hands to touch the back of the child’s neck. If they find signs of sweating on the back of the child, then the baby’s clothes are worn. too much. If the baby’s neck is cooler, it means that the baby’s clothes are not warm enough.

1. Touch your hand. When we want to know when the baby is cold or cold, we usually touch the baby’s hand first. The child’s hand is cold, indicating that it is not warm enough, or it needs to be properly added.

Baby is cold and cold to touch this part


Winter is approaching, the temperature is getting lower and lower, because the baby’s temperature regulation ability is weak, it is easy to cause a cold because of improper dressing, how should mothers keep warm for the baby? How to know if the baby is cold or not? How to prevent children from catching a cold? Let us know about these problems together!