In addition, female white-collar workers must de

In addition, female white-collar workers must develop a scientific and rational lifestyle. Diet should be nutritionally comprehensive, not partial eclipse, nor overeating; pay attention to calcium supplements, and based on food supplement, eat more dairy products, soy products, vegetables and seafood. If necessary, calcium can be supplemented under the guidance of a doctor.
Arthritis is a degenerative disease, and the most important thing is not to do some activities that increase the burden on the knee. To prevent osteoarthritis, you must start from a standing posture and a sitting posture. For example, keep your lower back flat when standing, avoid excessive lug of the waist; when sitting, it is best to choose a hard chair, and the height should be suitable for your height, too high or too low. At the same time, it should also be noted that the waist should be attached to the back of the chair. When sitting, the lower limbs should remain flexed and not straight.

Finally, there is a lack of exercise. Compared with men, there are not many female white-collar workers who love sports. They often sit at the computer all day and work very little.

Second, high heels are the “killer” of the bones and joints. Walking in high heels will put extra pressure on the knees. Many women go shopping in high heels, often for a few hours, and over time, it is easy to cause joint wear.

First, many women’s bones and joints are exposed to the cold for a long time. Women who love beauty even wear short skirts during the fall and winter seasons, and their knees are not effectively warmed, greatly increasing the chance of suffering from osteoarthritis. In the summer, women are thin and wear cold air against the air conditioner, which can easily lead to joint damage and cold. The knee joint is stimulated by cold and can easily lead to diseases such as synovitis, bursitis and knee arthritis.

As long as the autumn is not beautiful, the white-collar women are very important to protect the joints.

Many white-collar women have osteoarthritis, although they are young. In contrast, women are more likely to suffer from bone and joint diseases, and are also related to the following three factors.