Cape gooseberry can’t be eaten with anything

Cape gooseberry can’t be eaten with anything
Can pistachie not be eaten with anything?

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Chinese medicine believes that peaches have the effect of promoting fluid and invigorating the intestines; modern nutrition studies have shown that peach fruit contains a large amount of pectin, which promotes intestinal peristalsis and improves constipation. Therefore, spleen and stomach weakness with diarrhea as the main manifestation should not eat more, otherwise it will easily increase the burden of gastrointestinal.

Easy diarrhea

Peach is sweet and warm, and people who are prone to get angry should not eat too much. Otherwise, it is easy to “fuel on the fire” and induce abdominal distension and abdominal pain. Therefore, people who eat peaches when they eat rice are easy to get angry. People who suffer from dry mouth, thirst, sore throat and other fire symptoms are advised to eat less or not eat peaches. People who are prone to sores often eat more serious. Will have sores on the body.

Easy to get angry

Li Shizhen once said: “Peach and eat more, it is bloated and sore, it is harmless.” Although the peach is warm, it can eat more people feel easy to have a feeling of fullness, especially those with digestive diseases, such as gallbladder Patients with inflammation and chronic gastritis should not eat greedy. In addition, the peach must be washed before eating peaches, so as not to cause rash or inhalation of peach hair into the respiratory tract, causing cough, asthma and other diseases.

Easy bloating

The disadvantage of eating peaches

7, peach leaves also have the efficacy of insecticide, the deciduous water can wash the genitals to treat vaginal trichomoniasis.

6, peach extract has anticoagulant effect, and can inhibit the cough center and cough, while reducing blood pressure, can be used for adjuvant treatment of hypertensive patients.

5, peach kernel has blood stasis, moistening and smoothing the intestines, antitussive, can treat blood stasis, amenorrhea, high blood pressure and constipation (for the use of traditional Chinese medicine, can not eat raw food).

4, peaches have the effect of replenishing qi and blood, nourishing yin and fluid, can be used after a serious illness, qi and blood deficiency, facial yellow muscle thin, palpitations and shortness of breath. Peach has a high iron content and is an ideal supplement for patients with iron deficiency anemia.

3, peaches contain more potassium, less sodium, can reduce swelling, diuretic, cure athlete’s foot, can be used to improve dry stool, urinary adverse.

2, Peach (immature less than peach) and tea with the same bubble as a drink, have the effect of sweat, stop bleeding, can treat yin deficiency night sweats and hemoptysis.

1. Peach is sweet and sour. In summer, it has the effect of thirst and quenching thirst.

The benefits of eating peaches

Peach is mainly not edible with the above seven foods. When the peach is eaten with these foods, it will cause harm to the health of the body, so everyone must pay more attention.

7, peaches can not eat with turtles, eating on the one hand will reduce the nutritional value of the two; on the other hand there will be the phenomenon of fire on the fire.

6, peaches can not be eaten with radish and citrus.

5, peaches should not be eaten with hot foods such as clam meat, turtle meat, dog meat, and beef. Eating it is easy to induce old diseases or inflammation.

4, peaches can not be eaten with seafood: such as crabs or shrimps.

3, peaches should not be eaten with persimmons.

2, peaches can not eat with plums, eat bloody stools.

1. Peaches cannot be eaten with white wine. Peach can not be used as a dish, because both are hot foods, eating nosebleeds; in severe cases, people will stun and even lead to death.

Peaches can’t eat with anything

Peaches can’t eat with anything

Peach is one of the oldest fruits, and is known as the “first fruit in the world” with its beautiful appearance and sweet flesh. Peach is a kind of fruit that many people like to eat, but most people don’t know the benefits and disadvantages of eating peaches, and there is no idea that peaches can’t be eaten with anything. The following health knowledge network will give you a solution.