Netizens questioned the breakup of Joey Yung and Liu Haolong? Really compound? Reply: Happy.

Star network information, music Tianhou Joey and Liu Haolong (senior brother) composite? Recently, the news of “Dragon’s Love” broke up several times. Yesterday (May 28), Joey Yung returned to Hong Kong from the United States, but when she asked her for proof, she avoided talking about whether Single, describe it as happy now. Joey Yung and Liu Haolong did not avoid being suspected of attending Huang Weiwen’s birthday party and immediately passed a successful compound. On May 29, according to Hong Kong media reports, Joey Yung was questioned whether the “Dragon” was compounded and there was no positive response. Joey Yung and Liu Haolong announced that they had ended their five-year relationship, but there have been two people who have been breaking up. The “Longer Love” is not finished yet. Joey Yung also appeared in the concert held by Liu Haolong in April, before the silent support. Degree, earlier, also attended the birthday party of Huang Weiwen, and the “Longer” composite was even more popular. Joey Yung attended the wedding of his sister Sister Xi Xintong (Gillian) in Los Angeles. Yesterday (May 28), he and his agent, Mani, and his assistant returned to Hong Kong to ask if he was “nothing” with his brother. Joey Yung asked: “Nothing.”哎哟 Don’t say me, it’s been a long time ago! (You are single?) It’s OK, happy!” Avoiding compounding. When I mentioned whether I could finally attend the Gillian wedding, she immediately said a joke: “It’s so happy and happy! It’s really the Emperor’s heart and the iron shoes ‘Lu Yuxue’. Gillian is very good, never thought about it. To change the corner, they said that they wanted to find He Chaolian, but Gillian said that she absolutely had confidence in Azu. If she couldn’t come, she would hang up. The best man would be alone. I could have stayed for a day or two, I really The stools are gone without warmth!”