Male fans tried to hold hands and sing Gillian light speed to avoid laughing and turning over the audience

According to Taiwan media reports, Twins opened a tour in Los Angeles on the evening of 19th. A male fan was very lucky to be taken to the stage and sang a song “Down with Death” with Twins. He did not expect that he tried to hold Gillian’s hand during the period. This sudden move also scared Gillian and instantly shrunk away. All the fans have witnessed this scene, and everyone laughs. Gillian avoided the male fan’s hand and smiled. The male fan who stood in the middle of Gillian and Ah Sa was silently leaning against Gillian in the singing, and then tried to pick up Gillian’s hand. Gillian quickly moved her hand on the abdomen and pressed it with her other hand. The scene was a little bit sloppy. The male fan had to pretend that nothing happened to continue singing, and the fans under the audience witnessed this scene, and instantly screamed and made people laugh. After the male fan stepped down, Gillian immediately complained to partner Sa: “He wants to hold my hand!” Ah Sa pretended to be an angry lesson: “Wow, I haven’t been tied yet!” Afterwards, fans uploaded live video to the scene. On the Internet, many netizens have commented afterwards: “I dare to hit my sweet idea, bold!” “Gillian is too funny to hide that!”