Tang Yizhen drew himself and Zhao Liying on his own Weibo.

Star network information, Tang Yizhen on the microblogging sun and a self-timer when Zhao Liying party, but the picture is very vague. Tang Yizhen ridiculed himself: “My self-timer technology is also a paste to no friends”; then Zhao Liying replied in the comments: “朦胧美”. Zhao Liying and Tang Yizhen met each other because they co-starred in the TV series “Lu Yi Legend”. The two people played “Lu Hao” and “Shen Bi”, which left a deep impression on the audience. Later, in the TV series “Qing Yun Zhi”, the two men cooperated again and played “Baiyao” and “Tian Linger” respectively. On the morning of the 11th, Tang Yizhen drew a photo of herself and Zhao Liying on her own Weibo and claimed to be a “plastic sister flower” and teased her own self-portrait technology: “Plastic sisters finally got together yesterday, talked about When I was still not ready, I was beaten by the store. When I left, I wanted to say that I would take a photo to commemorate it. As a result, my self-timer technique is also a paste to a friend…” Photographed in the middle of Tang Yiyi holding a lens, both of them wearing a hat look very youthful, then the picture is Very vague and can’t see the face. Zhao Liying then joked in the comments: “Beauty.” This article comes from the star network www.mingxing.com, please indicate the source!