Li Jiahang Li Wei Weibo announced good news

Star network information, yesterday, Li Wei on the microblogging sun a family of three holding a photo and with the text: Kid you are so naughty. Li Jiahang immediately forwarded that: With me, we hugged the mother together, and the joy of joy is beyond words. Sina Entertainment has learned that the baby weighs seven pounds and two eyes, and the eyes are big! In the photo taken by Li Wei, the baby’s little hand licks the index finger of Li Wei and Li Jiahang and holds a small fist, which is very cute. The two were exposed in May 2014 and admitted to the certificate in 2015. In December 2017, Li Wei announced the good news on Weibo.Netizens have congratulated Li Jiahang on Weibo: a family of three, the baby is the most white! Congratulations on your official upgrade of parents! This article comes from the star network, please indicate the source!