How to eat emergency contraceptives afterwards?

Young people are more energetic and have more sexual needs. Sometimes, they will have sex without a condom. At this time, you should not panic, but should actively find ways to solve the problem. The contraceptive pill can have a certain effect after eating. Then, how can the emergency contraceptives be safe afterwards? How can we ensure the effectiveness of emergency contraceptives and achieve safe and healthy standards? The following seven instructions can ensure the contraceptive effect of emergency contraception. First: The time limit for taking emergency contraception within 72 hours of emergency contraception is very strong. In the 72 hours after the contraceptive failure and unprotected room, the earlier the medication, the better the effect of preventing unintended pregnancy. You should take one tablet within 12 hours after sexual intercourse and take it again after 12 hours, which is effective. Second: the emergency contraceptive can only contraception. Once the emergency contraceptive is used only for the last unprotected sexual intercourse, it will not work for the next unprotected sexual intercourse. Therefore, if you have sex again, you still need to take regular contraception. If you take a one-time delivery and take emergency contraception, the next sexual intercourse will not cause contraception, it will cause unexpected pregnancy. Third: side effects of emergency contraceptives If emergency vomiting occurs within 2 hours, if vomiting occurs, it should be supplemented once. It is best to take the medicine after a meal or before going to bed, which can reduce the reaction such as nausea.