Before and after the intercourse: how to do if you don’t want to wear a contraceptive

It is well known that the invention of “condom” is a great change in the history of sex. It helps men to solve the problem of unintended pregnancy. However, due to the material problem, most men do not feel good after wearing a condom. What should I do? Don’t worry, we can also try these contraceptive methods below. 1. Safety period contraceptive method advantages: good experience, safe and reliable disadvantages: need to take the time of the safety period is very accurate, 2. contraceptive contraceptive advantages: easy to use, for women with irregular menstrual cycle, have the effect of menstruation For premenstrual abdominal pain, irritability and other symptoms can help. Long-term use of contraceptives can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. Disadvantages: Need to take it daily, it is a big challenge for people with bad memory. 3. Advantages of intrauterine device: The device can be used for five years, which is convenient and safe. Take out and restore your ability to conceive. Disadvantages: May cause menstrual blood increase, uterine inflammation and other side effects, more suitable for women who have been used in production 4. Ligation contraceptive advantages: once and for all, no side effects. Male ligation does not affect sexual ability, and female ligation does not enter menopause too early. Disadvantages: Need a small surgery, the wound will have a little pain. Resilience to fertility is not easy 5. After the contraceptive pill (within 72 hours) Advantages: Disadvantages of the dead sheep: There will be mild nausea, side effects of menstrual disorders, even one can be used, should not be used often. What are the contraceptive methods? These are basically the above. It is not enough to understand the contraceptive methods. It is also necessary to understand their respective advantages and disadvantages, and choose the appropriate contraceptive method according to their actual situation. In general, there are still many methods for contraception in life, but from the perspective of safety, Xiaobian pushes condoms and safe period contraceptive methods, and scientific contraceptives can guarantee quality, in order to be your sexuality. Be responsible for.