The best way to prevent contraception after production

Generally, women do not have sex during pregnancy and will have a normal sex life after giving birth. After childbirth, the body of the woman will gradually return to normal ovulation, so postpartum contraception is also very important. Many people think that the idea of ​​not needing contraception after giving birth is wrong. So how to prevent contraception after childbirth, continue to introduce for you below. Postpartum contraception method 1, ligation surgery, this is a once-and-for-all contraceptive method, the surgery will remove a part of the female fallopian tube, and ligation, resulting in the egg can no longer meet the sperm. The operation can be carried out the next day after giving birth to the baby. If Mommy is giving birth by caesarean section, it can be done at the same time as childbirth. Xiao Bian recommended: Mouth love posture list women are ashamed to export problems masturbation this small thing delicate vagina’s secret secret postpartum contraceptive method 2, vaginal spermicide, spermicide can increase vaginal lubrication, so can help vaginal dry women. This is also an over-the-counter drug that can be purchased at a pharmacy. But some people may be allergic to certain types of spermicides. When used alone, it is not as effective as other methods. Postpartum contraceptive method three, condoms, whether it is a male condom or a female condom, can be purchased directly at the pharmacy counter. In sexual life, men use condoms to prevent bacteria from being introduced into the vagina and to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Male condoms may crack or slip; condoms containing spermicides may also irritate the vagina. And it must be in the case of men willing to use. In order to play a role in contraception. There are 10 aspects to be aware of when using condoms for contraception. 1, condoms have different specifications, should choose the appropriate model according to the size of the y stem erection, otherwise it will be too tight and easy to rupture, too loose and easy to slip, will affect the use of results. 2, the condom should not be deployed in advance, but should be deployed downward from the glans on the stem of the erect y. 3. The production date and expiration date should be checked before use. The expired condom has deteriorated and is easily broken and should not be used. 4. Condoms must be kept in an environment where y is cool, dry and not exposed to acids, alkalis, and oils. If it comes into contact with the above conditions, it becomes sticky and brittle, and should not be used even during the shelf life. 5. Before putting on the glans, you should pinch the tip of the condom to store the small airbag for semen to prevent the air in the balloon from expanding with heat, which will cause the semen to overflow to the root of the y stem during ejaculation. 6, condoms can only use water-based lubricants. Vaseline, liquid paraffin, face oil, cooking oil, etc. can increase the brittleness of the condom and accelerate its rupture in a short time. 7. If the condom is found to be in a hole or slippery during use, it is still unsafe to replace the condom. You should stop sexual intercourse immediately. Use a disinfectant to clean the genitals. 8, after ejaculation should be taken before the y stem is weak with the finger to hold the bottom of the condom together with the y stem. 9. Don’t let semen flow out when you remove the condom, and don’t let the y secretion outside the condom touch the body. Each condom can only be used once, and the used condom should be placed in a plastic bag and thrown into the trash can. 10. Fingers that remove the condom cannot touch the semen and y secretions at the same time, so you must wash your hands with soapy water immediately under running water. Tips: For female postpartum contraception, Xiaobian introduces you here, so once you have finished your baby, once you are ready to resume sex, and don’t plan to have a baby again, you should consider the problem of contraception. It is. Guess what you like: Give him an alternative passion, anecdotes, classics, love, love, couples, etiquette, more content, please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: