What are the most important factors in sex life?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is the most common form of male dysfunction. There are many kinds of causes, but in general, it can be divided into three types, namely, pathological (organic), functional (psychological), and drug-like. If the condition is serious, it is usually referred to as “yangshuo”. According to some surveys, the average length of Chinese male penis after erection is 13.4 cm, far exceeding the need to meet the female sexual needs. So: Hardness is the most important! Which factors are the most important factors in sexual life. The results show that the first is the hardness of the erection, and the second is the duration of the erection. The ratio of the two should be 50% and 30%. The three periods in which men are most prone to impotence are the three dangerous periods mentioned here, mainly due to ED caused by psychological problems, and the exclusion of organic lesions. Psychological problems lead to erectile dysfunction occurring in three stages: sexual knowledge deficiency period, sexual interest reduction period and libido decline period. One or two years before and after marriage–Sexual knowledge deficiency period, sexual knowledge is relatively lacking, and it is easy to carry out sexual activities under the emotional state of nervousness, fear and anxiety, which makes the initial sexual experience obstacles, such as inadequate erection and ejaculation too fast. Wait. Such subconsciousness may bury hidden dangers, such as fear of the failure of sexual activity, and always worry that it cannot respond normally as in the past. There are also some men who lack awareness of some of the physiological phenomena that occur in their sexual life and create unnecessary worries. For example, some men have delayed urination for the first time after sex, and the urethra has a burning sensation. Therefore, it is believed that sexual life aggravates the body’s diseases, causing fear and anxiety, and even dares not to have sex again. In fact, this is just a physiological phenomenon that can be restored after a short break. Solution: Women’s care is a good medicine for impotence. Married for about ten years – the period of sexual interest reduction “worship for more than ten years, lying on the same bed, really a bit of ‘aesthetic fatigue'” – the classic lines in the movie “Mobile” seems to tell the marriage “tenitch of the decade” . Yes, ten years of getting along with each other, trivial things, boring life, will really reduce sex. Not only humans, but even animals. There is a famous Rhesus test in sex. The two monkeys are locked together and they are repeatedly mated. Over time, the male monkey loses its enthusiasm for the mother and turns to find a new mother. This is ” The important reason for the “fatigue of aesthetics”. After the marriage, because the wife worked for the child, the body was shaped, the skin was slack, and the wind was no longer. In such a situation, the husband can easily feel that life is boring and cannot be “sexual”. At this time, couples should learn to use innovative adjustment methods to enrich their husbands’ sexual life and regain their feelings when they are in love. For example, women can change their styles frequently to keep their image fresh. Try using your husband’s favorite perfume. Or occasionally play some games like “role-playing”, appear in front of each other in a brand-new manner, promote interaction and communication, in order to maintain the freshness between husband and wife. Solution: Add “new taste” to make love last forever. Male menopause – the decline of sexual desire Men after entering the menopause, the temper will become violent and anxious, some men will have decreased sexual desire, decreased erectile capacity, etc., will think that there is no sexual ability. In such a situation, we should first make changes in our lives. When people are 40 or 50 years old, they will never work as hard as they are in their 20s and 30s. They will work day and night. With physical decline, they should adjust their work or life goals. . At the same time, there must be a healthy diet and moderate exercise. Studies have shown that exercise can increase the level of testosterone. In life, maintain good communication with your wife, maintain close relationships, and face the empty nest period, couples should re-plan the world of two. At this time, the wife should also pay more attention to her husband’s physical health, so that her husband can feel your care and love. Prevention of impotence should be done in these areas due to long-term smoking, excessive drinking, obesity, chronic diseases, physiological deterioration and other reasons. After the age of 50, men’s sexual desire and sexual ability will be significantly reduced. So how can middle-aged and older men maintain their sexual ability and improve their quality of life? The gender experts give the following suggestions. Regular exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction have a positive effect on sex. Those who adhere to regular exercise are quick-responding, have slow organ aging, and have increased disease resistance. If the body is strong, it will slow down the decline of sexual function. Studies have shown that alcohol slows the rate of testosterone production, and toxins in smoke also inhibit sexual function and induce erectile dysfunction. Adhere to the combination of zinc, selenium, zinc and selenium to improve sperm quality and sperm motility, shorten sperm liquefaction time, and promote spermatogenesis to improve immunity. Only when sperm motility is improved, men’s sexual ability can be maintained. It is medically recommended that males after 50 years of age take 2-3 months of Yuzhiyuan tablets, which is of great help to promote male sperm production, improve sperm activity, and maintain male sexual function. To increase the initiative and insist on sexual love for young men aged 25 to 29, 51% will see sex when they see their wife’s nakedness, but by the age of 45, the number has dropped to only 40%. The study found that men over the age of 60 had sexual desires of 90.4%, and 54.7% had strong sexual requirements. Middle-aged couples should not only have sex when they are sexually impulsive, but must “deliberately act” to improve their initiative and be considerate of each other. To control the speed of young people to make love fast and powerful, can quickly produce pleasure, but after middle age, regardless of men and women, pleasure will come slower. therefore, Men should not be too fast when pumping, and each time they reach their climax. Finding new ways is getting older and more sexual experience, but that doesn’t mean you no longer need to explore. Experts point out that couples also have to work hard to find and create new ways, which can make sex love fresh and a good way to continue to improve sex. After smoking, the harm to the human body will be greatly increased, which is ten times the harm of tobacco. The researchers pointed out that, first of all, nicotine in tobacco has the effect of first exciting and then inhibiting the central nervous system. Carbon monoxide has a great influence on the human body, and they all reduce the experience of people experiencing beautiful sex. Secondly, the tar after burning tobacco can cause vaginal dryness due to the presence of phenylpropanoid. Once again, sex life is a relatively intense exercise. During the process of sex, muscles, bones, especially the nervous system, are extremely excited. The blood vessels of the whole body expand, the blood flow speed increases, and the energy consumption increases. If you smoke immediately after ending sex, the toxic substances in the cigarette can be easily absorbed into the body, which will adversely affect the health of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and even lead to angina and dyspnea. Finally, nicotine in the smoke causes the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle to contract, destroys the blood vessels of the penis, inhibits blood flow, and thus affects erectile capacity. In this regard, smoking immediately after sex does cause a burden on the body and affects health. Generally speaking, you don’t have to rush to get up after sex, you can hang out with your lover, say a few sweet words, or drink a glass of water, take a break and let the nervous body relax. In addition, you can do some simple physical activities to help eliminate fatigue. After sex, it is best to drink a cup of water when living the body’s energy and water consumption is obvious. If you fall asleep immediately after sex, the whole body will be in a state of water shortage, causing the blood to become thick and cause certain diseases to occur. Some women complain that they have never had urethritis before getting married; but after marriage, urethritis has become a frequent visitor to their bodies. They think this is related to the life of a couple, and some women even suspect that their husband is coming out of the chaos. Female recurrent urethritis has a certain relationship with sexual life, because in the sexual life, it is easy to retrograde the bacteria in the female urethra, and cause urethritis through the urethra, bladder, ureter, and renal pelvis. In order to prevent urethritis caused by sexual life, women should drink more water before sex, so that after having sex, there is enough urine to urinate. Urination can play a role in flushing the urinary tract, which has a good effect on preventing the occurrence of urethritis. If urethritis occurs, it is best for women to regain sexual life one month after the treatment of urethritis, which is beneficial to prevent recurrence of urethritis. Water replenishment strategy: the body has enough water, Only have enough hormones to satisfy your sexual life. Drink one or two glasses of water before the sex, the man’s sexual organs are more energetic when erect, the time can be longer. After the passion, drink a cup of warm water, and then replenish the body’s water consumption, reducing the viscosity of the blood. Women who drink plenty of water before sex can also prevent urethritis. Morning sex can really add fun to our sex, but we can’t ignore the sexual health after morning sex. Otherwise, it may produce more diseases and effects. I hope that couples must pay attention to these times. The importance of sexual health care.