Confused: Why are you married?

Nocturnal emission, we all know that it is a normal physiological phenomenon in male sexual development, adolescent boys do not understand sex, full and overflow. The nocturnal emission should naturally be a phenomenon that only young people have. However, in fact, some people have regular sexual life after marriage, but they still have nocturnal emission. How should this phenomenon be explained? Normal sex should not be used to the boy, and there will be an instinctive reaction. Produce sexual desire, this time there will be symptoms of nocturnal emission, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, is a sign of the boy’s maturity, so don’t care too much, the situation of nocturnal emission will gradually decrease after marriage. However, if there is a normal husband and wife life after marriage, at least 1 or 2 times a week of sexual life is still frequent nocturnal emission, then it needs to be paid attention to. Generally, after-marital spermatorrhea is a symptom of illness, because this may be a sign of disease. What is the cause of spermatorrhea after marriage? The scientific concept of nocturnal emission is ejaculation without sexual intercourse or masturbation, called nocturnal emission. After the man enters puberty, the testicles continue to produce sperm, and the seminal vesicles and the prostate continue to produce seminal plasma. When the semen accumulates in the body to a certain amount and can no longer accumulate, “sperm is overflowing”, spermatorrhea will occur. Sometimes in the dream of nocturnal emission. An unmarried young man who has several spermatorrhea every month is a normal physiological phenomenon and does not affect his health. Husband and wife separation, if the sex life after marriage is more frequent, because the husband and wife temporarily separated or some reason for the frequency of sexual life changes, the number of same room is reduced, the more vigorous sexual desire can not be fully “vented”, there will be nocturnal emission. Premarital suffering from phimosis, prepuce, urethritis, seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis and other genitourinary lesions, did not get timely treatment, local inflammation can stimulate the congestive edema of the diseased organs, leading to emotional, prostate glandular secretion and penis in sleep Spontaneous erection, which induces nocturnal emission. There is no need to be too alarmed. There are still many people who mistakenly believe that semen is more precious than blood. There are even “one drop of semen and ten drops of blood”. The argument. According to modern scientific methods, the main component in semen is water, accounting for more than 90%. The other ingredients are similar to the plasma components, not a drop of semen equivalent to ten drops of blood. In fact, this is a one-sided understanding of ancient medicine that has been limited by historical conditions. However, because this view has been circulating for too long, it has affected many people’s semen slowly and naturally overflowing the frequency of dreams, and they feel nervous, fearful, and anxious, which affects sleep. These bad moods and mental states, in turn, make people feel fatigued, dizzy, tinnitus, flustered, weak, depressed, memory loss, inattention, etc. “Yes. In fact, the fullness of the spermatorrhea is like a bladder full of urine, it is a physiological phenomenon, why do you have to worry about it? Therefore, you should treat the symptoms of nocturnal emission correctly, do not look at magazines, books, movies and movies with sexual stimulation. Film and video. If there are too many times of spermatorrhea in a period of time, it can be treated by TCM syndrome differentiation. After a period of treatment, the number of dreams will be reduced. Therefore, for dreams, there is no need to have a burden of thought.