Sex Life Little Guardian teaches you to prevent sexually transmitted diseases

Although sexual life can bring happiness to people, it will also bring harm to people. The chief culprit is sexually transmitted diseases. The reason why sexually transmitted diseases are widely spread is because people’s prevention awareness and measures are not in place. Therefore, if you want to have healthy and harmonious sex, you must do a good job in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Avoid sex in a very period of time: When is the extreme time, when the sexual partner is abnormal, such as abnormal secretions, external genital lesions, ulcers or in the menstrual period, you must not be for a moment of pleasure, but barely sex, if not For physiological reasons, it is best to go to the relevant hospital for treatment. Avoid certain sexual behaviors: oral sex, anal sex, these sexual methods are not unacceptable, but not often, oral sex, anal sex and other patterns of sexual love, equivalent to snacks in sexual life, must consider more questions when using Try to strengthen preventive measures to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. For example, anal sex, because the rectal mucosa of the anus is a single layer of epithelial cells, and different from the multi-layer structure of the vagina, it is easy to damage the bleeding, more susceptible to damage to the mucosa than vaginal sex, causing infection. Use condoms and other barrier tools: In sex, don’t be comfortable and happy, and use condoms. In addition to preventing diseases, condoms can prevent multiple sexually transmitted diseases. It can be said that condoms and the like are one of the best barriers to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Since condoms and the like contain lubricants, frictional damage during sex can also be reduced. Use spermicide: For some couples who are using contraception, spermicides can also be used. Spermicide can not only kill sperm, but also inhibit the infection of many pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases, which is equivalent to a strong barrier and has a strong protective effect on female sexual health. After urinating, urinating, genital, etc.: Of course, this is a cure for the symptoms. If you are infected with sexually transmitted diseases, how to urinate is not necessarily effective, of course, it is not a risk. It has been confirmed that urinating or flushing the genitals within half an hour of sex is likely to reduce the risk of contracting gonorrhea. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: