Old husband and wife “do” a different kind of wonderful

The years are not forgiving, what should the old husband’s wife not do? Sexual life is an important part of husband and wife life. The harmony of sex life will directly affect the unity of the family, and the love between husband and wife. Seriously, it will even lead to divorce. But after a long time, it is inevitable that they will be too familiar with each other. Feeling tired, then what are the insurance secrets between husband and wife? How can the old wife and wife enjoy the fresh sex life? Let us have a look. Pay attention to each other before marriage. Many sexual and emotional disharmonies after marriage are related to premarital sexual behavior or sexual experience, which is the root cause of the disharmony between husband and wife. After marriage, avoid sex, avoid boring sex, avoid sex, and do not make love for sex, but love for love. Creating a new life together, constantly changing the environment, place, posture and position of making love, it is possible to constantly close the relationship between husband and wife, so that marriage can withstand the test of wind and rain. Be more understanding of the other party when the other party can not meet your physiological requirements, do not care too much, too much blame is to hurt the feelings, and excessively strong physiological satisfaction may make the other side tired of sexual intercourse, and even a variety of sexual dysfunction Or sexually cold. Let the body and spirit meet the important expression of love, of course, but it is definitely not the only way. The expression of love is reflected in the bits and pieces of life. Therefore, you should always express your love for your spouse, fully embody your own charm, create a warm atmosphere for love, and not only communicate emotionally when you are having sex. The most boring thing in life is repetition. The same is true for husband and wife. When you are engaged in a married life, you must actively cooperate with each other and strive to give each other a fresh feeling. The old wife and wife can also make a different kind of wonderful.