Why do women and couples like to keep their eyes closed?

When a couple lives, people’s preferences will be different. Some people like darkness, and some people like weak lights. Many women have a common feature, which is to keep their eyes closed when they live. Most men are squinting. Why do women and couples like to close their eyes when they live? Follow the experts to see why. 1. Women do not have to blink. The reason why men squint in their sexual life is because men are visual animals, like to look at pretty women, and women in love are undoubtedly more beautiful. When a woman enters the stage of sexual excitement, the blood flow will accelerate, and the endocrine will also work. As a result, the blush will appear on the cheeks, the skin will become shiny and elastic, and the female’s own spiritual glow will naturally appear. Look better than usual. So the man squints in order to appreciate the beauty and get more sexual pleasure through visual stimulation. Women are not. Women do not feel so strong that they feel so strong. Close eyes can be enjoyed better. 2, women are the pleasures of sex Usually, men are the dominant sex, and women just have to enjoy it. Under normal circumstances, all the actions in the process of sexual intercourse are done by men. Therefore, in addition to the laborious efforts on this side, men must be distracted to collect feedback from each other in order to adjust their behavior. In contrast, women’s responsibilities are much smaller, they can fully put their minds on psychological activities to experience and enjoy the feelings. Since you want to pursue experience and enjoyment, of course, it is better to close your eyes. 3, closed eyes can better imagine that although in the process of sexual intercourse, women are closed eyes, but their psychological activities have not stopped. In other words, it is precisely because women do not need too much behavioral input in sexual life to promote their active psychological activities. Of course, at this time, their imaginary content will not have nothing to do with the ongoing sex life, but since it is imagination, it will not be an objective repetition of reality, but a beautification of reality, for example, the environment of sex. Poor, they can imagine that they are under the blue sky and white clouds; the other side’s movements are not ideal, but they can imagine that they are fascinated by those movements; when they are in a bad mood, they can imagine that they are in a good mood. They can even imagine that they have been greatly satisfied with the general feelings of sex. Since the imagination is so wonderful, why should you open your eyes? If you open your eyes and the beautiful world of imagination is destroyed by reality, isn’t it a big sight! 4, closed eye sex is a shame, even if it is a woman with sexual experience, her bones also have a natural sense of shame, when combined with a man so close, more or less there are some embarrassed, so many Women don’t feel that they will close their eyes and give everything to the feeling. 5, acquiesced in the man’s desire for men is a personality adventurous, always like to try different fresh moves to get more sexual pleasure, such as the use of sex toys. However, women may not recognize this, and some women are embarrassed to say that they agree to try. So she will choose to close her eyes, acquiescing to the man’s request, then you can do whatever you want.