These women would rather fall in love than to marry.

What is marriage emotion is actually the answer that many couples want. Some people have been in love for a long time, and their feelings are very good, but they are not married. This kind of lifestyle man likes it very much, and you can enjoy the life of a wife without having to marry his wife. This kind of life is very good. However, for a woman, there is no guarantee that there is no marriage, and a man can lame at any time. 1, fear of marriage, love for a long time, men are not willing to marry you, not because he does not love you enough, it may be that he has a fear of marriage, not ready to go into marriage. In modern society, the divorce rate has soared and people no longer trust in marriage. I used to think that marriage can last for a long time, so that the other party can always be with me, but now all kinds of temptations are everywhere, no matter men or women can resist the temptation to derail. Sometimes when a man sees a friend who is married and left, he begins to fear marriage. 2. Don’t be mentally prepared. Don’t think that you will be excited when you suddenly say that you want to get married. You are so sudden, it is like a sudden attack on a man. Love is not the same as marriage. If a man wants to get married, you have to give him enough mental preparations and can’t think of surprises him. Otherwise men can easily be scared away by you. Before you are ready to marry him, give him a little more time to prepare for thoughts, such as often mentioning some of his family’s happiness after marriage, etc., suggesting him, by the way, if he is married. ready. 3, afraid to promise not to think that men are brave enough, in fact, men are also weak. Many men are afraid of commitment and are afraid to be responsible for their commitments. The cells that don’t want to be responsible are basically the same as male hormones. The roots are born in male genes. The difference is that there are more men and some men are less. Marriage means commitment, which means you have to be good to this person, treat her well, and spend the rest of her life with her. This promise is too long, like a shackle, tied him up, men do not want to catch up with their own life. 4. Fear of changing your life style People are not willing to change the lifestyle they are used to. If you don’t understand, look at colleagues who blame their work every day but still have not changed jobs. Because I have been used to it for many years, it takes a certain amount of time to adapt to a sudden change, and many people do not want to change their life style at will. Married, on behalf of the two people to live together, more likely to be a family to live together. Problems such as mother-in-law and private life are coming one after another. You have to adapt to the bad habits of the other party. Everyone in love seems to be good, but not necessarily after marriage. If the man has decided to change his life style, then He is ready to get married. Please don’t evade this topic. Nowadays, many men are holding a playful attitude towards their feelings. They don’t mean to marry at all. If you find that your man is such a kind of demon king, advise you to break up and find your own happiness. Although such a choice is painful, it is more reliable than wasting your youth.