Prevent the love of the father from the doll

The girl’s love father and boy Oedipus complex is a unique emotional phenomenon in the development of sexual psychology. For most children, this feeling will go smoothly after a period of time, as the child grows older and the circle of communication expands. But if the child can’t get through this emotional entanglement, it will hurt the child’s body and mind. People who have a lovefather or a mother-in-law complex, even if they are adults, can hardly release their feelings from their parents, thus neglecting other opposite sexes, and cannot transfer their feelings to other opposite sexes. It is difficult to establish a harmonious family, which is likely to result in serious Sexual developmental disorders or other obstacles. Emotional conflicts such as love and hate, the temptation of incest, guilt and fear of punishment constitute the content of the Oedipus complex. This complex will appear with the sexual bud period, with the sexual latency reduced, until the sexual maturity of adolescence again. The love of the father, also known as the “love of the Querla complex.” It refers to the compound emotion of a girl’s father and mother. Legend has it that in ancient Greek mythology, Princess Ayurveda murdered her father because of her mother and her lover, so she decided to avenge her father and joined her brother to kill her mother. Freud is using this story to illustrate the characteristics of children’s sexual psychology. He believes that the little girl’s deep affection for her father will have a desire to replace her mother’s position in the subconscious. Especially when I found out that I had no male genitalia during the genital period, I complained and jealous that my mother had the father’s love. (Text / Yang Ao Jiu) For more details, please pay attention to Feihua Health and Sex Channel: