Parents should grasp the child’s sexual bud period

Finally, one day, when the mother took Yangyang home, she began to “interrogate him.” “Baby, why do you always lie on your own pee when you sleep?” The question that broke into the child made the child feel overwhelmed. “Wow…” Yang Yang cried. Mom seems to know that she is too strict, what can a child of three or four years old know? Hurry up and slap the child, and then communicate with peace of mind. It turns out that Yang Yang feels that it is very comfortable to take a private part while sleeping. There is an indescribable sense of security, which is not a bad thing that parents imagine. This time Yangyang’s mother is confused, why does the child have this kind of behavior? Xiaobian Secret: Yangyang mother’s confusion is not her alone, I believe that 99% of the parents in the country have questions about the child’s private activities. First of all, the sad situation of parents is due to the lack of formal education. The following is a detailed explanation of the child’s “unreasonable behavior” reasons. The children aged 2-5 years are in the sexual bud period. During this period, the child’s attention has begun to shift. By touching the penis and clitoris, the body’s pleasure and satisfaction are obtained. This pleasant feeling comes from the stimulation of the sexual organs. But this early childhood masturbation and adult masturbation are two different concepts, and the nature is completely different. This behavior of the child is neither an adult’s sexual consciousness nor a sexual willingness, nor a sexual physiological reaction such as adult ejaculation. In the child’s mind, this is a kind of sex game. However, during this period, parents will feel panic and uneasiness when they see their children playing with the genitals. They often block and blame this unconscious behavior of children because of adult prejudice. They conduct harmful sexual education on children and describe sex as sex. It is dirty, dirty and unhealthy. Parents are likely to cause psychological damage to children, and even feel guilty and fearful about sex, and may also cause sexual dysfunction in adulthood. Parents should pay attention to their words and deeds, and they should also conduct appropriate sex education for their children during this period. (text / bad mud)