Awaken the male “little brother” specific practices

How to keep your man’s heart? How to keep a sense of freshness? How can I keep a man’s “little brother”? This is a problem that many women are deeply buried in. In fact, in order to retain the male “little brother”, the most important thing is to move emotions, that is, to tease men from five senses: sound, color, taste, fragrance and touch. Below, Xiao Bian will comprehensively interpret the specific practices of waking up the male “little brother” from these aspects. 1. [Sound] There is a cloud in the old saying, “No one has seen it, first heard its voice.” The important stimulating effect of the senses. SO, you know~ It is a good choice to wake up the younger brother with a gentle whisper. What is the “rice on the table, I am in bed”? This sounds like a blushing sentence. A little, hey, take advantage of the opportunity, exhale and say it in his ear… The next thing can’t be described. Or, put a melodious song in the room, in a gentle music. In the middle, the younger brother will be more likely to “wake up.” The wrong example: the students who put the songs such as “Good Han Song”, “Pleasant Goat” and “Nu-Cut”, go out and turn right and leave without sending. 2. [Color] As the so-called “five colors are dazzling,” the impact of a visual feast on the little soul can be described as epic. When he walked into the door and saw a small candle on the table, the warm yellow candlelight, the delicate makeup You stare with seductive eyes With him, you have a bright makeup on the weekdays, but you have a smashed red lips, and the tongue gently licks the lips, revealing a fascinating smile. His breathing is getting thicker and heavy, but you are shyly bowing. The snowy and slender neck makes people feel swaying. Inadvertently, you reveal your specially prepared nurse’s outfit… What’s left to happen, please make your own brain. 3. [Taste] When it comes to taste, you have to mention To a series of idioms. What “shows the color of the meal” “hypsy” and “the endless aftertaste”… Yes, let his little brother and the tongue wake up together! A delicious little bit, a glass of mellow wine, look at the front It seems that you are exceptionally delicious. He and his younger brother will definitely have a big appetite. Not to mention dressing up as a cake girl, this is a nosebleed… because the text is too shameful and has been harmonious. Wake up Plan, success.